eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List

To some. Other people get offended and wouldn’t of sold it for that cheap or even replied to my offer.

True. I guess it depends on how hot the book is too. If they’re selling like hotcakes right off the griddle at $400, it’s hard to let go of a book for $300 when you know you can likely sell for $400. It’s all about timing, what the book is, how hot it is, how long it’s been listed, etc. So many factors to calculate when it comes to selling.

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My wife teases me for sounding like an old man when I discuss hotcakes or the bee’s knees.

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Looking for general advice on optimal ebay pricing. Most of my ebay postings are at the lowest price however I have noticed that sometimes increasing the price brings more traffic. I recently sold a 100 bullets complete run listed at $150 however there was no interest and when I increased it to $175 I was able to sell it. Is this a one-off and what is best practice for pricing an item? lowest price doesnt seem to be the best strategy.

If I need the money I list at the lowest price for the book. My searches are always sorted by the lowest price first so it maybe just a coincidence that you raised the price and it sold.

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I try to take advantage of human psychology on my BIN listings I want to move. Rather than being the absolute lowest price, I will price myself slightly above the lowest listing with a best offer available.

You would be surprised how many times I get a best offer better than what I would have actually undercut the lowest listed one for if I had just listed the lowest I would take at the start.


Yeah, I think thats a good strategy where you are above the lowest price with a best offer feature. I see so many items bought above the lowest price, for whatever reason.

I think this is just a matter of timing. You have to have a buyer interested in the set and also have the money on hand to buy it. I had a NM copy of Bee and Puppycat 1 sitting for about 6 months at $15 with no interest. I took it off to put up new items and a few months later I noticed that it was selling in the $40-50 range. A bunch of new people must’ve discovered the show and people were gobbling them up now.

I listed it again, this time at $46 shipped and it sold within a few days.


CGC has taken action with regards to Hot Shot Comics:


Heres their website…pretty empty

Instagram excuses…

One would think, how did they get in such debt? The pre-orders for books should have paid for the books and the CGC submissions one would think right? :thinking:

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Wooky…you are a lifesaver!!! :facepunch:

Appreciate the information and alert… Sent all my information to CGC to hopefully get this resolved.

Cliff notes on hotshotcomics? Are they a presser?

they’re one of those shops that offered cgc 9.8 pre orders on new books, but they went on for years basically not providing books to customers and scamming them

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Thx. I don’t understand why there are so many scammers. Just run a legitimate business ffs


I’ve never done business with them - I thought they were a slab pre-order farm? How did they end up so in the hole with CGC?

I’m sure telling your customers to harass… er, email CGC employees will totally end well for them. /s

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I ordered from them twice.

1st time, my order was delivered within several months.

2nd order, after 3 months, I kept getting the runaround. So I contacted Paypal and got my money back.

Im very happy CGC cancelled their account.


What these businesses don’t seem to understand is that customers aren’t upset that the seller is experiencing financial hardship. They are upset about months, going on years of concealment and cover up.

If you’re having trouble paying CGC for books, let the people who own the books know. Let the customers who bought from you know.

Also, I don’t think you get into these types of problems through simply pre-selling CGC books. That seems like a pretty steady, measurable income/expense flow. Something else in the business has to be mismanaged to mess things up this bad for people.


I bought a High Republic #1 CGC 9.8 from them on eBay. They delivered it. I can say people are pissed that they submitted their own comics through them, some pretty big books, and are out of the books now.

Well, I feel genuinely bad for anyone who submitted books through them.

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