eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List

I bought 3 copies of Strange Academy #3 from these dudes when it came out, as the title was so hot early on, and I figured with the all black covers, 9.8s would be harder to find. And, they had free shipping if you bought 3 books. I got all three books in a reasonable amount of time, and since then I sold two to more than pay for the full order.

But, from the sounds of it, I might have been one of the lucky few who actually had their order fulfilled. At the prices they were offering, I just couldn’t figure out how they were making any money. Well, I guess we know the answer to that now.

Looking for some general advice on ebay returns and disputes over the condition of the books.

Recently had a buyer complain about the condition however the pics looked fine. How do others handle this situation, do you have ebay intervene or do you give a full refund and pay for return postage. I think ebay buyers have a lot of leverage, with potential negative feedback in many cases.

always make them pay for shipping unless its something that is really your fault

9 times out of 10 ebay arbitrarily sides with the buyer b/c of the ebay guarantee. I’ve found it’s best to accept the return unless it’s obvious buyers remorse or they’re lying. But agreed with billyraybob, make them pay for shipping.

I think that is the problem, ebay buyers have too much leverage and they also able to leave negative feedback while as a seller you are unable to leave negative feedback. I have had over 10 buyers cancel orders and buyers are affected.

I’ve had buyers want to return a book because of color breaking spine tics. Which were not only clearly visible in the pics but I also stated it in the description. I fought the return and eBay let them keep the book and refunded them out of ebays money. Most time you have to appeal but if you feel you’re in the right bring in eBay to fight it.



What was the lawsuit?

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More people should take them to court…


Don’t know…guess we got to watch the video.

Here’s the first thing I saw on their website.

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Oh I remember. They were the ones who couldn’t pay cgc and have a ton of really expensive books still there.


There is a cool Punch #12 on ebay, is there any way to verify this is a legit posting?
Currently zero feedback.

Contact them, ask them for pictures. Ask them to insert a piece of paper with a certain word on it, like their user name.

thanks thats some great advice.

Do yourself a favor and block this guy. Super sensitive buyer who apparently doesn’t understand the grading scale … usedbrainforsale


name checks out. lol.