eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List

Yup and impatient whiny babies who are trying to get something for nothing need to be banned from buying online and eBay…

I’m curious if I’m a recent addition as I’ve bought from you through eBay and the forums with no issues?

Oh. Best I could see from looking at past stuff is you messaged me about a comic I had for sale and I blocked you after examining your feedback left for others. If I see people have left more than one or two negative feedbacks EVER I usually block them just to keep myself safe from people who might leave me Negs in my mind. I guess you’re just an innocent victim in that. I can unblock you as I do actually KNOW you and imagine if you ever were unhappy with me we’d work it out before you Negative-ify me. It isn’t anything you did, just my own safety measures that some might think go a bit far.

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You are no longer blocked, @ToddW. I will edit my list so you aren’t listed either. Sorry that my paranoia about potential buyers who have ever left negatives made you an innocent victim. I welcome you buying from me.

Update: My post has a little lock and I can’t remove you as someone I block. Help, @agentpoyo?

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I block people who throw lowball offers. Just don’t want to deal with such people (if they’re being unreasonable in their offers, then they’ll likely be unreasonable if things don’t go their way) and I think it’s perfectly fine to be a little weary on those who are quick to leave negatives.

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Oh, I’ll still be leery of folk. @ToddW just gets a pass as I know him. I think we’d work any issues out here on the forum before he’d hit me with a NEG on eBay. If he did NEG me wrongfully, I could always just tell everyone here too and we’d throw tomatoes at him.

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Thanks for clarifying. As many know I’m not afraid to leave negative feedback if it’s warranted and sometimes it is.

You normal folks can only edit posts in the first 24 hours… after that, it’s set in stone on the interwebs forever… (or if you pay me handsomely to update… ) :wink:

I’ll give you a half-eaten orange. It was a full orange, but I got hungry.

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As long as you throw lettuce, onions, cucumbers, etc so I can make a salad.

Actually, I might be mistaken on the time period on editing but it was locked cause I made an edit on it long ago… I think I bolded the users or something…

So, you wanted me to put ToddW’s in blinking bright red bold to avoid right? I kid… I kid… I removed his name from your list.

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Thanks, Poyo. Love you. Not enough to free you from Tony’s basement, but the love is there.

Just listing the name because I was asked. This guy didn’t want to wait because of USPS failure to deliver and got his money refunded.

I would totally attempt to have the package intercepted like @Anthony stated… you don’t want a person like this to get it, they’ll likely deny it ever arrived just so they get it for free.

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I will try doing when I get off of work later. I think I can redirect it back through my online account at USPS.com.

Or! Or drive over to his house when it delivers and take it back! That would make me soo happy. :grinning:

Let’s not encourage an interpersonal conflict in this forum…these posts are kind of permanent.

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Never, EVER, go to someone’s property without their permission. That is trespassing and can get you arrested or worse, attacked. Unless you’re selling girl scout cookies. Then you’re good, people love thin mints.


I’m just kidding around. And hopefully you can either get the post office to redirect or the buyer is a decent human and will return the item. What I’m saying is I would go to his house knock on the door and ask for my property back if it was me as the seller and he didn’t want to return it. I’m also a 265lb dude.

Hello 265lb dude, meet my 12 gauge shotgun and my .357… and a reminder here in Texas we drag you back onto our property if you’re trying to get away to finish the job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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