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She can’t sell unless she’s a #1. Then Marvel has likely done statistical analysis that’s demonstrates diminishing returns and end of profits after 4 issues of certain characters like Silk.

Rinse and repeat once a year will generate just enough revenue to keep doing it and make small profits.


Shitty writers who don’t know how to write her character. She has so much potential too…


Add to the fact that, when you keep giving a character Limited Series status every year, it diminishes that character…

Might as well not give her any solo books and just throw her on a team.

It makes sense though we see so many limited series and short story arcs. The world went and got itself some serious attention deficit disorder. Most people likley can’t be bothered with long running stories, etc. So it suits most people’s attention spans I think…

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Silk got her own series but Squirrel Girl & The Great Lakes Avengers don’t. Something wrong with that.

back in stock but they raised the price

Stores think they can charge ebay prices without paying the fees!


Sanctum will ship your book though if it heats up, ebay might not.

I’ve actually had more luck on ebay cause there are consequences for not sending stuff

I orderd a total of 7 of the Sandman Frison 1:100 covers from 3 places combined pre-FOC, Sanctum shipped despite resale skyrocketing. One ebay order for 4 at $400 total had a “LOL I cant ship the ones you ordered as I am out” when I followed up for my order. Just my experience.


Definitely got to find the right places. I would avoid Big Time and Golden Apple. If you can spread you’re orders around, that can be helpful

I can’t remember which thread was hitting on the wave of JTC negative space covers, but the Moon Knight 25 cover was released:


I don’t hate it, but red would be cooler.


Apparently this is the spoiler variant for ASM 26. All black foil I guess


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Does that mean shops have to pay full price for these? No discount?

Could also be a fake. Pretty easy to do so for a photo op.

LOL! WTF, well guess they took the easy way out.

Did you guys think the cover would be…different ?


Also, how does a black cover become a “spoiler” ?

Marvel Marketing ploy. Last spoiler cover did well, so let’s half ass one together. However, all black covers are notoriously hard to keep 9.8.


Hmm…I love Werewolf by Night but something about that cover just isn’t working for me.