Future State TT #1 2nd print

Hopefully these were under ordered. FOC was yesterday. First Red x cvr I guess would be the FS preview.

I added 2 copies of the 2nd print. There are a lot of 1st prints for sale on eBay. So I’ll tuck my 1st prints away for a rainy day.

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I added 20 because of your reasoning exactly.

I got a bunch of 1st prints, which will slowly rise in value over time. DC does something with the character and people will come looking for it.

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Yora and red x will be reoccurring characters

My LCS only ordered 10 copies total; these will likely be under ordered. Key Collector isn’t showing the 2nd print which is a good indicator to me. When KC is silent I order more copies.

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A wise policy

FOC is today. We still have them up another hour.

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Oh. Tfaw had it as yesterday

Still available. Just added another copy. Better be right!

Yea, FOC is today.


My bad

Oh my, you’re talking a book up PRE-FOC…


I know. It will be worth nothing now. Lol


Cover B of #2 looks great but I bet a ton will be ordered.

That’s what I’m afraid of.

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How do you know the 2nd pritning is under ordered?

Doesn’t, it’s just a guess based on what some retailers are claiming they’re ordering and FOC was Thursday instead of Sunday cause Lunar are a bunch of turd blossoms…

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Teen titans go #23 will always reign supreme