George Perez

He has less than a year to live… :disappointed_relieved:

That’s terrible. One of my all time favorite creators.


I hope he can live pain-free as long as possible. This is tough to read, and I cannot imagine how tough it was to write. Awful news.


That is just heartbreaking. I had the opportunity to meet him once. He did a sketch for me. Later, casually saw him in the hotel swimming pool while I was in there as well. Just did my swimming, said Hi, and didn’t bother him.

I’ll continue to treasure the sketch. I made him chuckle as I was in my biker scout 501st armor. I wanted him to sketch me in my scout outfit. He was sort of amusingly taken aback as why would anyone want a sketch of that given his famous super-hero work. We had a good laugh and he said it was refreshing to try “something different”.


That’s one of the saddest, most emotion laden letters I have ever read. Dammit.


As a fellow diabetic I must say, I am terrified of this same thing happening to me. The average lifespan of a diabetic is 72 years. I believe George is in his late 60s. I don’t know how well he controlled his diabetes, but at 35 years old it is hard to not feel half dead… The fact that George can face this with such courage and generosity to the fans is honestly inspiring. Not all heroes wear capes, but some heros draw people in capes.


I’m so sad to read this. Heartbreaking.

That’s the current lifespan of most male men though on a worldwide level…

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George Perez is a class act. I hope he can manage to live out his remaining days in peace with no pain. A true hero for the comic book world!


My brother took my sketch book and had him Draw Carol Danvers carrying the Gauntlet…

Later I got a ticket for his line but it seemed that I had left my scratch at the hotel room. He was only charging 4 sawbucks for a sketch…

:frowning: I wanted him to do me a Moon Knight wearing the Gauntlet with a Moon Symbol on it. No dice didn’t have my scratch and I left the con that day feeling like a bum,

It was always good to jib with him


Pics of you in the scout outfit armor or it really didn’t happen… :slight_smile: LOL


Yeah, I mean it could be ANY scout trooper.


I’ve seen the pics… it’s happened! :wink:

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CGC George Perez in house signing in case anyone missed the announcement:

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Had to dig it up but here is something he did for me back in Summer 2016

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