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As expected. So I guess since the original price was $29.99, and now they sold it for $200, does that mean that $230 go towards charity? Or just the original $30?

That’s a really good question, I would hope the $180 :wink:

It does say 100% of the profit. So not all of it if it’s based on profit.

F’d up. Should be “all proceeds”.

Big place like midtown can’t eat the expense and pitch in $30 of their own expenses for the cause?


Well, considering their latest policy is to only offer 20% discount, return the book at your cost for full refund or wait until your next shipment for replacement copies, sounds like Midtown is in a cash crunch…


MCS listed one for auction on their website. I didn’t see anything about devoting any proceeds towards charity.

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Just found out my copy came in!!!

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It’s literally in the listing for the auction on MCS’s site.

Happy for you and also somewhat want to curse you out. :smiley:

You can buy it from me.

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All proceeds go to the hero initiative! Even if you
Flip it!

It’s required by comic book flipping law.

Yup, enforced by @D-Rog himself. If you don’t donate, he shows up with a bat!

I get a little concerned every time I see this thread bumped to the top. But I have to remind myself that it’s not the New Year’s 2022 thread.


Same here. I never want to see this thread bumped ever.


I could lock it…

Yah I hate when this thread is bumped as well.

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That was my first thought as well…