Go Go Power Rangers - Ranger Slayer

Hey Folks, grab your Ranger Slayer if you have not already, especially this book right here, Go Go Power Ranger 8 2nd Print, First appearance of Ranger Slayer, its a 2nd print so the print run is a lot lower, this is the only cover shes on as far as issue 8 goes, Boom only getting started with her, she was just on Free comic book day, and a whole lot of series and arcs coming her way, boom is heavily invested in her.


This has already been spec’ed on a while ago. Prices have since increased since.
She’s now the new Lord Drakkon.

Lets start using more descriptive titles as well. I have no idea what J 1 SEASON means…

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? Man this forum can get real ungrateful real quick, you act like Ive been here since the beggining of time and know ever single book thats been specd on, not evertything is about books on pre order, sometimes people want to know about back issues that have potential to be even bigger key, just because you know about this book doesnt mean everyone else does, so be respectful, Im giving you my 2 cents you want it take it, you dont want it dont take it

Who said anything about Season? J 1 is the name and Im breaking it down by episodes, you want the 2 cents take it, you dont want it dont take it, no need to comment on everything poyo

And no need for you to be changing the titles on everything, thats very disrespectful when I put a title and you go and try and change it

Please read this, should be a sticky post that covers “Topics and Categories” for the forums.

If you create a topic called “J Episode 1”, that tells me nothing about the topic. It’s bad forum etiquette. So please make sure your topic covers what is being discussed. Don’t make forum visitors go in blindly as they might not be interested in the topic being discussed.


Please also read the forum guidelines and rules.


So when Anthony does his articles or blogs he names it Knull? Or does it say Anthonys Blog? What you guys the only one special to put your name? Thats beinf disrespectful , equality heard of it ? Welcome to the new world

Ya this a community and im part of it so be respectful, unless Your planning on asking Anthony to change all his articles to not include his name than dont ask the same of me

Anthony is the owner of this site. He can do whatever he wants. He’s king, emperor, ruler… benevolent dictator… and I’ve actually edited his categories before cause he missed them and updated his titles as well.

Yall been cooped up in here to long thinking your the only comic spec site, relax, someone comes in and wants to share his or her knowledge just be respectful of it, no need to comment, or alter everything u see or hear

When do I do anything just named Anthony? Or just Knull? Please feel free to show examples. I have done “Anthony’s Pickups” because it shows off the books I have picked up. David does David’s flips. Feel free to name yours as J’s Spec’s if you want but the arbitrary name doesn’t really say anything.

Again, see my comment above. Name it whatever you want. Just be a little descriptive in the title. No one is busting on you, just trying to point you towards community standards.

Also, why are you salty I used my name on my pickups? I am the guy who owns the site, I pay the hosting, pretty much pay for everything. I started the site. If I did post everything as just “Anthony” I think that would be well within my right as it is my site. I don’t, but could.

No one is being disrespectful. No one is busting on you. And no one is saying this is the only site. He was just asking you to do something like j’s Spec season 1 Champions 25

Yes, something like… Go Go Power Rangers Ranger Slayer - J 1 Episode at least tells me we’ll be talking about Power Rangers…

Anthony’s Pickups tells me he’s probably discussings books he picked up… so yeah, it’s still vague but I know what it’s about, books Anthony bought cause it might be a huge list of things that can’t fit in the title.

Rangers is a ver niche market. It has its loyal following but spec wise it dosnt do very well for me. With that said, i liked the new one shot and will probably pick up the lord dakkon series coming up just for the read

Damn, “David’s Flips,” sounds better than David’s Flipping Report. I’ve already committed to it though so it’s staying that way.

It’s a cool cover. The only MMPR specs I’ve cashed in on are the Thank You One-per-store variants. Including this Slayer comic. No one seems to want them at my LCS, so I grab and flip for a small profit when I see them.