Great Cover Art

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem lol.

Wait. As a Batman fan, you read Superman?! I was under the impression it was a one or the other thing, like Star Wars and Star Trek?

Superman is easily my second favorite character. I also read Marvel and Spawn, among some others. I should really change my screename to ComicFan or DCFan or something. Lol

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whats next? Yankees fans who also like the Red Sox??


Supes is my number one hero, but I like all of the big three at DC.

I’m happier participating in the DC-Marvel rivalry : )

Killadelphia returns this winter (awesome), and they are leaning heavily into the crossover with Spawn (awesome). Issue 31 has a fantastic Mattina B cover, and issue 32 is the first appearance of vampire Spawn (at least I think it’s the first, and well, I’m not sure that makes a whole lot of sense, but ok) and Savage Dragon appears (makes ZERO sense, but this has been a really good, very serious run so far, so I’m here for it).


Harley Quinn #35 (Cover B Jenny Frison Card Stock Variant)

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #6 (Cover A Jenny Frison)

Zatanna #15 Minimal Trade Dress Foil- Lobos Ltd 1000 Facsimile Reprint

Its 1000 per store selling it, Bird City & Hive Comics are selling it.

And why do #15 ?

For being a Lobos cover, its a bit… meh.

Im telling ya, stores doing exclusives of facsimiles is scrapping to the bottom of the barrel, especially when this book doesnt have a facsimile. These stores are bottom feeders…


like adam hughes er i mean lobos stuff but
reprinting random issues just to do a variant is
just Dumb with a capital D

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White Widow #1 ((Retailer 25 Copy Incentive Variant) Adam Hughes Hidden Gem Variant)

looks like old school 90’s Hughes

I am guessing something from the Marvel Swimsuit issue

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That’s not even the Black Widow character in the comic! I am outraged!

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Frank Cho does the outrage covers.

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More like tushy

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its old art, usually what they mean by hidden gem


Yes, I know. I’m just giving Marvel the business because I’m a stinker.