Hasbro Marvel Legends Megathread

Amazon Exclusive

Should be back in stock shortly

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Just $130 for characters pretty much no one cares about, except for Spider-Man who is on a crappy body buck.

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Yeah, for most of these Amazon exclusives (Gorr, Spidey 5 pack, Venom 3 pack) they usually go on sale at some point.
But for that Spidey 5 pack it will need to be a hefty discount for me to bite.

What do you mean? You don’t love household names like Silvermane? Lol.

And who doesn’t like the Human Fly, who stayed up all night dying his underwear?

I want this but not at that price. Hopefully holiday sale

Weird my Zombie Scarlet Witch and Zombie Iron Man already shipped and arriving tomorrow, was suppose to release March 2023.


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that’s cool


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I’m not much of a Marvel Legends collector, and when I do snag Legends its usually to display alongside my Cap or Donny Cates collections. However, this recently revealed original Yondu is pretty awesome! I might have to snag it!