Hawkeye. Spoilers imminent

You are spot on “chemistry with Renner” this is what I have noticed
also and have been enjoying the back and forth even though they in sticky situations.

Track Suit cast has been fun to watch also. :rofl:

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Saw her in Edge of 17 years ago and was blown away, she’s extremely talented

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I’d be much more interested in a Great Lakes Avengers series!!

Both Target and Walmart were closed Thanksgiving and didn’t open until Friday at 7AM. It’s been that way the last few years.

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Yeah, some started to open years back but since COVID, they’ve stayed closed now but I think Target has now committed to never opening in the early evening on Thanksgiving for eternity. Honestly everything should be closed on Thanksgiving. Nobody should have to work. Just go ahead and turn off the internet too…

Stingray is bigger than most! :slight_smile:

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This show is amazing. At least for me, I feel like we’re back on course with MCU awesomeness.

I smile every time Echo’s on the screen. She’s just perfect (and if you’ve not read her DD books you really should!). I’d still pick up her stuff if you can at a decent price.

I need to watch again but did she exhibit any powers?

But yeah, can’t wait for the next episode.

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I think you mean non-essentials.

ER Doctor: sorry about that Knife to the
Wrist while carving turkey…but the hospital is closed today! Wrap it in a tourniquet and we’ll see you tomorrow. Happy thanksgiving gobble gobble!

Well duh…

Nah, after thinking about it… even doctors get the day off. If you cut yourself or have a heart attack, you’re on your own! :crazy_face:

Just gets better and better…


If Walmart is open I’m sure Target will change that policy. I myself don’t mind working holidays. It’s all about the money.

Some might not mind but when people are forced to go to work (yes, Wal-Mart and others can fire you if you don’t report to work on such holidays), that’s just pretty shitty I think. A holiday that’s all about hanging out with the family, these retailers should stop thinking about more revenue or profit margins and let employees enjoy the day off. Happier employees are more productive employees.

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You and @ToddW both have a point. Unless you work a job where somebody HAS to be available on a holiday (doctors, nurses, first responders, and so forth) it should not be mandatory you work on a holiday. A movie theater should not force employees to show up on Thanksgiving if they don’t want to–there should be enough who want a nice bonus to do it. Incentivize people to WANT to work on a holiday, don’t make them.

This reminds me of a funny story, actually. My Dad’s father (my grandfather) was a civilian in the military. At one point when my Dad was in high school they lived in Hawaii. He worked as a caddy and at the pro shop on a local golf course. As this was Hawaii, even Christmas day could be perfect for golfing and plenty of folks would hit the links after opening presents in the morning. My dad would work Christmas every year and the manager said how great and helpful it was my dad did so and that he was going to give him a big bonus. My dad said he appreciated it but as he was Jewish it just wasn’t a big deal to work on Christmas. The manager jokingly then said he wouldn’t give him a bonus then (he did, it was all good). Just a funny story for ya’ll. Now let’s get back on topic before I punish myself!

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I thought to myself while watching “that really looks like her a a child.”

Now I know I know why!

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Well somebody showed up :fire::fire::fire:

yea, but no “uncle” this episode, thought we would at least get an end credit scene

Honestly, given that we have the spoiler listed and folks are fully aware that this thread will have them…

Spill the beans! I can’t always watch it right away. I don’t care at all about spoilers. Never have. Heck, I knew about (spoiler alert) Vader and Luke before the film showed back in 80.:slight_smile:

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a girl with a cool vest shows up

she also has neat goggles

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Mild Spoiler——-Episode 4—I’m mid-episode- the police officer/larper that helps retrieve Hawkeye’s trick arrows, she said her code name embroidered on her bag was ‘Bombshell’. Possible connection to Character Bombshell whose first appearance was Ultimate Spider-Man #2?? I don’t think it was a throw away line.

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