Hold or Sell

Hold or Sell?

Venom 3 3rd print
edge of spiderverse 2
ultimate fallout 4
star wars 42
TMNT adventures 1
BA 12
ASM 300

Hold all.


Hold all as prices have dipped. Earlier this summer would have been a good selling point. Ow it’s holiday time and prices are dropping as people want cash.

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Hold and in some cases I’d even say buy. Venom 3 especially

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Or they’re spending money on other gifts for family, etc.


Sell TMNT adventures and Star Wars 42

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Unless it’s seeing record prices hold til after the holidays. Nows the time for buying if you can. Lots of great deals to be had.

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Sell your Ultimate Fallout #4 to me for a good price as I need one.
Seriously, I’d be interested.

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these books are all long term holds for me.

My opinion?..For Marvel hold every single one of them at least until around late Spring early Summer when Marvel and Marvel/Sony give updated info on the next phases of their movies. For BA #12 I would wait until right before the next Suicide Movie to sell if you want. TMNT Adventures #1 might be the only one where you might want to sell soon. That book had an insane spike and might start slowing a bit…maybe.

As always sell when you feel comfortable. If you feel your profit is good and you want to sell now go for it! If you want to roll the dice that there is a bigger pay day ahead that’s probably a good bet too! The books you listed are all big winners and I can’t see any taking a dive in price anytime soon!

I’ll take ASM 300 and Edge of Spider Verse of your hands if the price is right.

But I would also say hold. It’s just a matter of time for the new Venom movie and Spider Verse

I was going to say sell Venom 3 because it will probably drop once the event ends… but Sony may very well decide the next Venom movie is going to have Knull in it. So I’d hold all.

Sony might not even have rights to the Knull character since he first appeared (cameo) in Thor: God of Thunder #6.

I’m holding all of those… FOREVER!

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Already been through this.

Yeah, but who knows how the “contracts” are truly written… unless Sony and Disney/Marvel provide the details, it’s all hearsay but like I said, I don’t think they own the rights to Knull. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks they did this GOT retcon to force Sony into a tight bind to give up their control of Spider-Man cause you know they’re gonna want a piece of the action… and Marvel wants full rights to their biggest character and his villains…

That’s the worse quote edit I’ve ever seen… how’d you manage to edit your first post quoting me (and mangling up the quote)… :wink:

I don’t think Sony has his rights to Knull…but if they don’t want to share Spider-man for something like that, Disney/Marvel could always go back to where Cates is retconning…Those nasty 1979 Marvel Spotlight shadow people from the Shadow dimension could become Knull’s minions. That is always a possibility.

I doubt Sony would walk from sharing Spider-man… With Venom they have a lot of leverage to make insane money. I do think the whole “Multiverse of Madness” phase is a way to bring not just the FF and Xmen into the MCU but all spider related characters. We’ll see on that one though.

Yeah gotta clean that up…

Hold or sell:

Marvel Spotlight #9 - 1st Mr. E.

Unread condition.