House Of Slaughter #1


The A cover is meh, but that first one is fantastic. Guessing it’s the 1:25 or 1:50 though.

Not sure what the Cover A is but those Frison and Bueno covers are gonna be the incentives. Too good not to be.

Both the bottom two say main cover. Guessing A & B. Others are 1:25, 1:50, 1:100 I’d assume.

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From 7ate9 comics email (they are based out of the uk)

Ratios are 1:50, 1:100, and 1:500 for that Del Mundo :flushed:

COVER A. £3.15
COVER B. £3.15

Anyone know when we can start pre-ordering?

Oh man, this is going to be really heavily ordered. At least the 1:500 isn’t the NHOTL homage, so not every single store will feel compelled to order that many.

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Apparently the 1:500 by Del Mundo has the new monster/creature on the cover which may have first appearance in the book.

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I think much like BRZRKR if you are looking for ratio variants wait for a month after release. The only BRZRKR ratio that didn’t sink in price was the 1:1000(or whatever) signed one.


Are monsters in these types of books spec worthy tho?

I personally would just go for the cover(s) you want. This will likely be heavily ordered and isn’t going to surprise anyone.

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Keep in mind that Diamond instituted a new policy of multiple covers or copies are returnable. Boom chose multiple covers so copies are no longer returnable. This may lead retailers to not order as many copies as with prior titles like Brzrkr.

“ Diamond is requiring that newly solicited product in 2021 only include a returnable incentive for books that have two or fewer covers as part of their solicitation. Publishers can continue to offer more variants and incentive variants on any books that are not returnable.”


Didn’t even have to wait with Brzrkr. Once that signed version was announced, people were unloading the ratios dirt cheap prior to release. I was picking up stuff under 1/4 ratio.

This one won’t be quite as bad as you won’t have people chasing that signed copy.

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Aside from the ratio covers listed here there’s also a 1:200 Frison Foil, a 1:1000 Del Otto and a Shehan Unlockable. According to previews.

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I am just going to get a few copies of the main covers. I am not going crazy looking or over paying for these ratios. I don’t think my LCS is going to order more than 50 or for that fact even 50.

People will go crazy ordering this comic, look at how well all his other firsts are ordered - nice house, DoT, etc, and with this being a #1 and a spin-off of the super hot SiKTC, this will probably top 200k+ ordered. Ratios will be plentiful a month past release and cheap.


I am waiting for later printings of #1, the 1st print will probably still be on the shelf at most LCS when FOC for 2nd passes.


The Frison cover is great and doubling up as a foil version for the 1:200

The 1:500 is going to be a tough one to get hold of. Some eye-watering prices in the UK! What are they priced at across the pond?

There’s a 1:1000 dell Otto cover too. Not released yet.