How does DC revive itself?

I’ve been mulling this over for a few days now. Probably a consequence of:

  • So many people on here (and elsewhere) indicating DC spec is a waste of time
  • Seeing how very few non-Batman DC titles feature in the monthly top 50 sales
  • My LCS guy sadly telling me there was no chance of obtaining a Black Adam retailer incentive as he now orders so little DC

I’m more of a collector than anything else, and as a kid DC was my company. It has so many great characters, such a rich history and brilliant past innovation. So, to me it is sad to see it struggling so much. It has become a distant second to Marvel in the movies and comics, and using CW has limited its TV success as well.

I really do believe it can (and should) sort itself out and make so much more of its IP. The question is, how will it do so, and does the current ownership even care?

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Well the new owners already seem like they plan on revamping DC movies: Warner Bros Discovery Not Impressed With Walter Hamada's DC Films - Geekosity

And HBO has a bunch of live action series in the works, so it’s coming, just slower than Marvel.

DC can only revive itself with the writing. It all starts with good writing and they need to master the way of introducing new characters (like Marvel does) that gets people talking about the characters. They need to make their B and C class characters cooler (Marvel has it’s main A class characters and then a crap ton of B and C level characters that people love and enjoy). It just seems like DC is stuck with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern. They got more primary villains in Batman that are just as well known as the main Justice League core group of heroes.


I just have to agree with the whole writing thing. Use some of the amazing characters they have and just focus on the writing.

I feel like the DC characters are at their best when we get the humanistic/relatable side of them.
Bring me more stories like Identity Crisis (one of the best of all time imo), Watchmen, Emerald Twilight.
The Spectre run from the 90’s by Ostrander was very gritty and emotional also.

They have some incredibly cool characters and villains. Just give us good, gripping, emotional stories.
Work those angles versus the “action” side of things.

Another note, I personally think they were moving in a very good direction with some horror stuff but they just sort of stopped. Those Joe Hill comics were great. I liked the Conjuring series they did. Look at the success Boom is having with the creepy stuff. Bring back some books like House of Mystery/House of Secrets.
I just saw a new release of a Creepshow comic by Image (I believe it was).
It would be easy money if they just tap some good artists and writers for quick , quirky horror stuff.
The nostalgia factor alone would have me buying them. Hell, just reprint those series if they want and I’d buy them as they are nightmare for me to find in the wild.


I agree. They need to tap into their B and C level characters to make things fresh. I’m so sick of looking at the Justice League. Every cover and solicitation looks like the same old thing over and over again.


I agree about using their smaller characters more. My current favorite book to read (and my to-read pile is huuuuuuuge, but this book always jumps the line) is Batgirls. I know some commentators are cheesed about some of the characterizations, however I haven’t read any back material so in coming in fresh… it’s brilliant and funny and offbeat and accessible.

I was however crushed that their car, Bondo, bit the dust. It having All Star by Smashmouth stuck in the tape deck was a great running gag.

Sadly, DC isn’t letting stories mature either. They cancelled Aquamen, which I’m super bummed about. I liked both Black Manta and Becoming, and Aquamen was a nice follow-on.

Have any of you seen the Cheese Shop sketch by Monty Python? What DC should do is have every writer pitch their ideas and if they involve Batman or the Joker or whatever, they should ask them to pitch their idea again and if they say those words they’re going to shoot them.

I think the biggest thing to do is stop introducing new characters every week and focus on their core characters. Trim the fat in the lines, as there are too many books. Right now for example there are at least three Wonder Women running around. To me, DC is just to hard to follow with multiple time lines.

I also say, bring back Vertigo!!! Vertigo was once the hotbed for creators to come up with unique characters and stories. Now, Image and Boom are putting out the books that once would have been Vertigo. at the inclusion of Vertigo characters in DC core books were once a rarity, and now the “cool characters” like John Constantine are in regular books.


This with a billion thumbs up!!! I miss Vertigo. I bought more Vertigo books than any other DC book back in the days.

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Bring back the Trinity to their A game status.

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The problem with the Trinity is there are too many of the big three

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman

Plus Future State Batman, Future State Wonder Woman and Future State Superman, Plus Flash Point Batman, John Kent Superman, Nubia, and the list of the Trinities goes on

Na. Those are imposters. I want the OG’s.

We are saying the same thing.

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:+1: gotcha

The first 5 times I read this thread I read it as How Does DC “Relieve” Itself?

Kept having visions of Howard Sterns Fartman…

Carry on.

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Pretty sure DC is relieving themselves every week.

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Lack of spec does not equal a dead product. Buy what you enjoy to read and collect and if it heats up that is great.

Batman has been good lately. I didn’t enjoy Fear State but other than that it hasn’t been bad.

World’s Finest is great so far.

Jurrasic League is just FUN.

Nightwing is really good.

Dark Knights of Steel is really good.

Superman: Son of Kal-El us pretty good too but had some lackluster issues here and there.

Flashpoint Beyond is very interesting and I can’t wait to see how it shakes out

Dark Crisis hasn’t been bad.

Wonder Girl was really good.

If you stop worrying about turning books into money and just enjoy the ride you’ll actually have fun reading, which is what the books are intended to do. I know, I know people will feel attacked and say “This is a spec forum!!!” Bite me.

The issue is that people haven’t been reading DC because “the spec sucks” so then when they try to hop back in they are lost and just give up.

Also, you can’t complain about DC not having enough B and C characters and simultaneously complain that they introduce too many characters. You all bust nuts over [insert any new Marvel character here] before they even have a chance to grow. DC is actively building Punchline, Flatline, Yara Flor, etc but “There are two many copies running around!” Tell me more about all the Captains of America, the Spider-Men, Iron Man armors, Mjolnir-weders, etc.

I look for the best read first, then spec comes after. I usually make that clear in my weekly picks, sometimes I’m picking just for the read at minimum.

I don’t read most DC because it’s just not that good every time I try to read it.

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