I like what you got! (Goodwills, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, ETC Finds)

When I find some good stuff at stores, I yell… “Jackpot… We eating Good Tonight!”

It’s funny some of the looks I get :slight_smile:

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I do something stupid when I find good stuff, I sing “eBay” to the tune of He-Man theme song

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Hit a collector’s garage sale. A few fun finds. I averaged a little less than $2/book. Been after a clean Fanfare 10 and Secret Wars 7, so that was fun to find. I surely didn’t need more Star Wars HRA 1 or Thor 5 3rd, but for $2… sure.


that’s an awesome haul for average $2/book!! lots of great stuff :+1:

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Really nice smattering of goodies!

I found 10 Packs ($7.99) at my Ollie’s.

Mine smells like a nursing home.

The packs are somewhat loose inside, so you can use your thumb to separate the books along the spine and more or less see the issue number, cover A/B/RI, and most of the times can make out the title.

Not too many DC or Marvel books…I’d say 90% of the contents are IDW. So lots of Star Wars Adventures/High Republic, TMNT, Transformers, My Little Pony, Marvel Adventures, etc. and from what I can tell none of the retailer incentives. And all very recent (2020-2021).

Even the Marvels and DC books were the ones we’ve been seeing in the Walmart packs (like Batman 92A).

If anyone finds a gem in these, please post. There were about 20-30 10 packs…but not a lot of variety in them…but I didn’t have a lot of time to look….may go back tomorrow or when I have more time to peek at them more.

I did not purchase any.


Ollie’s had stacks of these too.

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I had very little time to look around today so I didn’t go into toys. One also smells like a nursing home. And great. Two Star Wars figures no one wants.

I bought a box of comics sight unseen today. My mother hits garage sales and texted me. $1 each, but then the seller offered the full box for $35. About 150 books. I said, “I’m bored. Why not.”

None of the books are flawless, but a few cool ones surfaced.

Amazing Fantasy 1 (first Arana) and 15 (first Amadeus Cho) were the big finds. Gorgeous Namorita cover on Agents of Atlas 4. A few other fun things. A stack of about 30 Alpha Flight. And about 25 other low value keepers. I’ll sell off the extra bulk stuff.




Did you get the run in AMazing Fantasy, or just the three? Other good issues in that run.

Just those three, but I was pretty happy with those three. :slight_smile:

It’s weird. 150 ish books, and most were titles that started with A or B. Feels like someone bought a long box from a shop or something.

Or there’s 14 other boxes left at the garage sale :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I asked about it. That was it. Odd, but cool. 176 books in total. Keeping 32. Most of those are even just ok books. Already sold 35 to a buddy. Will bulk out the rest cheap to a buyer I know.

Here’s a cool one, although not really worth much. Alpha Flight 53. Jim Lee’s first cover at Marvel. In weirdly excellent shape.

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I think that may be the most Byrne-esque Lee art I’ve seen.

Ill take that Alpha Flight 53 from you if you dont want it

Interesting. I also got Amazing Fantasy 1 & 15 at a garage sale 3 years ago.
I paid $3 each though :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a ton of yard sales and thrift and antique shops in my area. I have never in my life come across comic books there.

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Same. I have antique store but most of them have quarter bin books at like $10

Jim Lee’s 1st Marvel work is Alpha Flight #51.

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Yep. But, that’s internal pages work. 53 is his first cover.

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