I like what you got! (Goodwills, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, ETC Finds)

Definitely some good books I there. I guess it comes down to what you paid for the lot.

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I got some good stuff lately. These 2 cost me less that $8 total.

The bottom row was .50 cents each and the rest was .85 cents each.

All of these .50 each.

.85 cents each for these.
More photos on the way.


you damn thief! lol

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Got all of these for .50 cents each.


Here’s my last batch of pictures from my little used book store. Most of the comics they have are in about 30 short boxes that you can dig through, but some they keep behind the counter that you have to ask for. Sometimes I’ll see one behind the glass and say if it’s there next time I come in I’ll buy it. I did that 3 times for this one that i got for 19.99. Newsstand will probably get it graded.

Another newsstand only .99 cents.

All of these .50 cents.

Including this one for .50 cents. I know you guys know what’s special about this. Looks to be maybe a 9.0 to 9.4. Should I bother to grade it or not, what do you all think,

This last one is one of my biggest finds ever and one of the top 10 biggest comics in my collection. Only. 99 cents!!! Definitely going to CGC.


Incredible finds. I would grade the Deadworld. I love that series and have every issue both regular and mature covers. Jealous of the BA find.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. I just hualed ass up to the register and out the door.


I live in an area with lots of (used) bookstores, thrift shops, cafes, yard sales and have never been able to come across comics ever.

They’re out there.
Problem is folks know this, and are like hawks.
I did it all the time at Yard Sales, Goodwill, Used Book Stores as well for many many years, sucessfully.

People are onto this now and it becomes increasingly difficult to find incredible hits anymore because someone was probably at the yard sale / in the used book store just before I/You entered these days


I want to do more yard sales. I also want to start selling video games. Expand my market more.


I have a lot of antique and thrift stores…yard sales everywhere …just don’t have the time.

You got retro games, I’ll buy them from you…

I have a copy of Friday the 13th on NES. That’s all I have right now


What do you think about sealed VHS as an emerging market?

The biggest issue with both yard sales and estate sales is that they typically begin on Thursday and Friday mornings. Makes it really difficult for me with my regular job schedule.
Sure I hit them on Saturday but we all know how that usually goes.

In regards to VHS tapes (and beta), lots of money to be made as the darned things can be found pretty routinely. Just like comics though, you really need to invest the time and energy into knowing exactly what to look for.


This is very very accurate these days.
Thankfully, I have a job (WFH) in which I can scoot out for an hour or so.
The Thurs/Friday thing does cut down significantly on the volume of and capability of hobbyists to be “before me”. I’m always seeking to be 1st.


I might add, 5+ years ago I’d show up at a yard/garage sale 15 minutes before scheduled start time and sit in my car until time start. It was the reasonable, respectful and decent thing to do. I usually did not run into competition with this approach.

Times have changed and hobbyists are cutthroat now and show up ridiculously early and/or try to negotiate sales even before the yard/garage sale via email. Just watch a bunch of the current Youtubers that have big followers. They flaunt that they arrive hours early

So, unfortunately, I’ve had to push the envelope as well and I arrive ridiculously early, not sit in my car and I ask now if it’s ok to “look” well before the start time. It’s come to this with this recent trend amongst hobbyists. Everyone is seeking to be 1st to scoop up the steals. It’s no longer a secret.

I don’t like it, but in order to stay in the game I have to adjust as well. Occasionally, I’ll get “come back later” but most yard sales hosts don’t seem to mind … shockingly. :man_shrugging:


I went to an estate sale today. Parked at 7:55 AM and they gave out numbers to everyone there at 8 AM. I was 40. They started letting everyone in at 9 AM so I ran and got gas and came back. Went in at 9 AM and the basement area had the comics I was interested in from the listing. I dug with a bunch of other folks and found some things for a $1 (all comics were a dollar) that were kind of cool. A Black Panther with White Wolf, a fourth issue of Infinity, nothing crazy, and I was in there early.

The bookshelf was more interesting as he had a lot of weird indie comic collections. Like, stuff I hadn’t seen anywhere but my own bookshelf so I admire the taste of the person who passed. It made me kind of sad suddenly and I’d bought estate stuff before but seeing the bookshelf really showed me this guy’s taste and made me think if I’d ever met him we’d be friends as he clearly liked weird indie stuff in trade paperbacks. I bought a copy of, “The Filth,” TPB for $5 as that’s my favorite comic ever and I have multiple copies as I always loan it to friends as it is so good.

I don’t know why I felt sad seeing the bookshelf specifically. As I said, I’ve bought comics from estates before but just seeing all the great reads on the bookshelf made me think. Sorry if this post reads as a bummer or like I’m trying to hard to wax philosophically. I’m just glad I got that Filth TPB a good new home.


Hit a garage sale this weekend and grabbed a few books. Spent about $4.50 per book in the end. Been after a nice first (comic) app of Star-lord. Demon 1 is trashed, but for that price it’s super cool. The X book is awesome. A few modern mini-keys. Guessed wrong a few books, and a few were more beat up than I originally thought. But, the price was right.



Secret Wars is nice too!