I like what you got! (Goodwills, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, ETC Finds)

I have problems seeing distance and will be honest, never paid it any mind. With glasses on I now see more than 12 feet away. One of the biggest struggles for me was I lost my ability to track fly balls on the baseball field. I would think I would be directly under it based on where my vision put me but would be a foot or two off. Also can’t read signs while driving but focusing on the important things.

So anyway I was amazed how far away I can see with glass on. Problem is up close the glasses make all the dimensions odd. Like makes everything up close seemed squished. I am adjusting

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I need bifocals. In the last year I’ve had to start taking off my glasses to see things closer. Which is basically any time I’m using a phone or iPad or reading a piece of mail.


I got single vision but need progressive lenses or bifocals. Gonna get used to one but will need readers soon of I don’t order the bifocals.

Forgot to show these off. $3 each

Neal Adams Art

Random Golden age fun book.