I like what you got! (Goodwills, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, ETC Finds)

I was going through a longbox and found this series I never heard of, with a lot of homage covers, and homage covers usually sell pretty good. So i grabbed a few.

Then I went home and did some research on the series, and some of the price these go for is crazy so I went back to the place and cleaned them out. Got these all for .50 cents each.

I flipped through a couple issues, it’s definitely not the type of comics I read, but they seem to sell pretty good.


Adult stuff I take it

Cheesecakey/mature/adult comics are a fun niche!

Check out Scimidar. Some of the early issues were done by Jim Balant of catwoman and Tarot fame. They go for good money

VERY adult.

Jim Balent doesn’t get enough credit as a quality artist. Yes, a ton of his stuff is really cheesecake with big-breasted witches, but he draws fantastically and has awesome panel layouts and more. Folks just mock the cheesecake.

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Who had the Long Boxes? I may have to hit that operation up

It was a used books store near me. They will have any random X men or Batman comic for $8, and other stuff way underpriced. Like the 1st Thrawn I found a few weeks ago for .85 cents.


Sounds like a great spot!

One of the better finds I’ve had in some time.
$1 at a garage sale. Still in the tube with the original label.
While I wanted it regardless, I was shocked to see current prices on it.
(Definitely not a reprint either)


I just love this thread.
Anyone can just buy something and show it if you have the spare cash. No biggie to me.
But to see unbelievable deals and steals from garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores is amazing.

Unlike the old days (i.e. more than 3 years ago), folks seem to know what they have now generally speaking; so the ability to get things for pennies is vanishing lately.


I found a cheap small collection of 72 books for $40. I was mostly intrigued by the Kanan 1, so I grabbed it. None of the books are flawless, but there were two copies of Kanan 1. Spawn 9, Star Wars 4 (2 copies), a nice Daredevil run. I’ll end up keeping about 30 books and bulking out the remaining 40 to get most of my initial cost back.



At Goodwill? I never find anything good there—no pun intended. I have found some cool comics at Savers on occasion.

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Also, let me know if you’re going to sell those Daredevils because that’s one of my favorite runs of the series. The ones Bendis did.

No, this was a Facebook marketplace pickup. I’ve had really good luck with that. I had planned to keep the Daredevil run, though, but I’ll let you know.

Ah, Facebook Marketplace is where I find some great stuff too. Lots of junk as well, but there’s gold if you dig!

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