I like what you got! (Goodwills, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, ETC Finds)

I’m not quite sure yet if I should have pulled the trigger on this, but…too late now.
Paid $150 for a collection of Avengers books listed on Facebook. It was clear that this guy was a buy one of everything, read it, and store it. Not a single backing board in sight. Filled the whole short box so quite a few books all told. As a whole they were all pretty nice condition wise.

Full run of Young Avengers, Young Avengers Presents, Avengers Children’s Crusade, and New Avengers.
Some varied older Avengers minor keys of Monica Rambeau, Starfox in a run from 225-255
The Illuminati series.
I figure if I just yank the keys and sell anything I didn’t need at $1 or $2 I’ll easily cover the cost.

I rarely do shows as I’ve mentioned, but this will be nice fodder if I do.

Some of it I have never read either so that’s a bonus too.


I would’ve bought it too. Good stuff!


I hit my first estate sale today, as they had pics of STACKS of old comics. All unbagged, unboarded. I got there a hour before open, and there were 28 people in front of me. Most comic collectors. I found a few really cool things, and I can only imagine what people pulled from this sale. Legit keys, and all books were either $10 or $30.

The easy favorite of what I found. It’s pretty beat up, but to have a first appearance of Mysterio in the collection, regardless of condition, is pretty awesome. For $10, heck yes.

Classic Romita cover, and in really strong condition.

First Polka Dot Man.

Beat to hell, but just a super cool Batman book with Catwoman from 1954.

First golden Robin in silver age. Super cool cover.


Can only imagine what the 28 people ahead of you got…


Great Batman books. I have ASM 55, damn Marvel Subscription areas on it. My favorite Batman pickup I have had in a while was the first appearance of the Erasure. Such a dumb character, just fun.

I would have loved to just SEE what they got. I’m guessing there were major, MAJOR keys in here. Even the old pro collectors that hit all of these estate sales that were there at 5am waiting in line were fired up. “You just don’t see this type of collection at these events. Not 100s or 1000s of them.”

Craigslist box of Comics for $100

Mostly trash. Here are some of the highlights though

Drum roll please.


Those clone wars books paid for the whole lot

And some. They were the reason I grabbed it.


Wow. You’d think some people might check eBay prices before dumping onto Craig’s list…

Me, just now, learning Craigslist was still a thing.

Clone Wars is the clear winner, but Web of Spidey 1 will forever be my single favorite cover of all time. Nice score!

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I felt bad for you at first until we got to the Star Wars and then I said, “Well, fudge me!”


Sold the #1 for $850 in less than three hours.


Some people don’t care nor do they care about spending time to look up. They just want stuff gone.

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And god bless them…


Such a sweet find!! I’m a bit jealous.


Maybe I will bid on this just for the reads…

eh… who knows

IFunny story…My wife is pretty supportive of my collecting (within reason), and has always asked “what can I look for for you if I see comics at a yard sale or whatever?”
We all know that’s a pretty difficult topic to provide an answer for.
I’ve typically told her if she sees any Archie comics with skin, bathing suits whatsoever to buy them, as well as anything that appears a bit suggestive or sexy.

She came home the other day with this & was so excited…“what about this one honey?” :grin:

The funny thing is, I’ve actually looked for this book for some time. Not the easiest find for me personally. She paid a whole $1 and even made sure I was aware that “it’s in great shape too! It’s a near mint isn’t it?”.

She’s a keeper! (My wife that is)…the prostitute gunning for Jonah Hex…not so much!)



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