I Like What You Got! (LCS Finds)

What print is that aliens?

2012 signed program, free from the LCS. Having a pull list at the LCS is always worth it. Can you slab programs?


Matt Baker cover from 1947. Largest shop in the area but the owner said probably 15+ years since he had a Phantom Lady for sale. Estimated 4.0 but bright colors and should display well.

That is not writing on the back of the book, “1947 #14” is on the tape of the bag.


Nice. I am taking it you picked it up

The 10% pull list discount made it a no brainer, did purchase it.



You can if it fits a comic or magazine-sized slab, but CGC won’t give you a Signature Series label since it wasn’t witnessed. It would get a green Qualified label.
You could send to CBCS and pay extra for Verified Signature.

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Found this 1957 issue of Tonto #24 in a dollar bin. It’s in great shape for its 60+ years


whos the stupid idiot that put that in a dollar box ?

The place I go blows stuff out. I have pulled $100-$300 books out of their bins. They are about moving the product. That book would sit on their shelves at $20, considering how little they pay per box of comics. They even go around conventions buying up the dealers stock for cheap so the dealers don’t have to take it all home with them.


i actually hadn’t checked, and now i have no idea where i put it

I’ve fallen behind in my acquisition posts. I believe these were mainly comic show/shop buys. Could have been a couple Instagram sales so forgive me if so.

I’ve really been trying to stick to my guns on a collecting pattern. I’ve done fairly well. Childhood favorites, older horror, or, if modern…things that invoke fond memories.
Artist focus as well but luckily that blends into the other stuff (Adams, Wrightson, Kaluta, Cardy). Avoiding the lure of new, modern, shiny as much as possible.

Believe it or not but finding Fat Albert comics in nice condition is incredibly hard. Love, love, love the Dragon’s Lair books which were certainly not in line with the others.

Been saving, going to use funds from a recent show to buy a bigger book… haven’t quite decided on what though :joy:


Hey hey hey… its Faaaaat Albert. And im gonna sing a song for you…

Love them!

Fat Albert #1 is NOT cheapo anymore


I can’t be the only one who cringes at Fat Albert knowing what we know now. Those books do appear to be nice, though.

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Do the Mudfoot!!

Made a trip to a shop that is a decent drive away, but is somewhat secluded/not much comic traffic as they deal more in cards. Picked up these beautiful books that were just hanging around in boxes I was able to dig through. Incredibly nice condition. Fits perfectly with what I’ve focused on in terms of my collecting
I just continue to be in awe of the art from Kirby, Ploog, Wrightson, etc. The amount of work and detail in the books back then is just over the top.


Love Mike Ploog… doesn’t get the recognition in horror like he should


Agreed :100:.
While I’ve always loved his art, been a collector, etc…I was never much into the convention scene over the years and wondered if he used to be available?
Was Ploog ever really active on the convention circuit? I follow him and he seems pretty bitter about the theft of a great deal of his work (which clearly would make anyone upset). He doesn’t seem accessible at all now. Perhaps he has health issues.
I just don’t see much signed stuff of his either. He’s done so much work for movies, trading cards as well.
Just curious if you’ve (anyone has)met him.

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I’ve done the convention circuit for nearly 40 years now.
I’m on the east coast and travel often for the big conventions; even out west.
All told, I attend about 10 conventions per year (big and small)

In those 40 years, I have met everyone from Moebius to John Buscema to Barry Windsor Smith, Lee Falk, names one would be surprised at.
All that said, I have never met Mike Ploog even once.
I believe he lives in the Northwest corrider of the USA and has done shows years and years ago in Seattle, but I don’t think he’s attended a convention in many years.


Visited a shop near me that seems to sell more cards and has tournaments tables setup. But they had a few boxes of books 30% off and everything was cover price. Found these. NM-/NM