I Like What You Got! (LCS Finds)

I liked Igor Kordey art in that Black Widow run.

That face on #2 though

Hit up a couple small local shows over the weekend and found some fun stuff.
In all, I filled a short box and it was no more than $160. Most are in 9.2+, $1-$3 each book.

Some highlights!

Moon Knight ($5) and Thing ($6 ea @ 50% off) were the most expensive issues $5-6 each

All Spawns were a little beat (6-7.5 range) but for $1? Sure

Not a bad weekend haul! You can still find good stuff if ya dig! Happy hunting!


I love seeing what you all find. I look for John Wick books every shop I hit up, and I’ve never seen one out in the wild.


Some great finds! Absolutely LOVE that Annihilation cover.

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If you ever find yourself in the Cambridge, MA area head a little north to Somerville (Davis Square).

There’s a place called Comicazi Comics. Has a decent back issue bin, lots of vintage toys and cards. And a back room with raw bronze and silver age comics in long boxes.

I didn’t have much time to search through. I did find this nice 9.8 candidate of a cool Destro/Storm Shadow cover.


Yellow cover goodness.

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a lot of those early Joe books with covers by Mike Zeck are under appreciated. love that run


i wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a “Zekkie” but i do love his work

star wars 68, asm 121, …

Picked these up today for $5 ea.

Alien Legion wasn’t as high grade as I had hoped (scuffs on the back cover). Probably VF/NM to NM- at best. But will see if I can move it.