I Like What You Got! (LCS Finds)

Having met him at a comic show and found him extremely pleasant I can agree with you on this one for sure!

I remember Comic Cavalcade, a great company from years ago. I would always get Razor and other London Night Studios comics from them.

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They still exist. They’re basically the company that fulfills Avatar Press comics. I ordered from it a few months ago. I needed some issues of Lookers.

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I used to buy from them. Didnt know they were still around.

I certainly remember their ads in the back of comics, usually a two page spread.

Grabbed this since it was a slow week.


I used up my allotment of luck today!

Went to my normal gaming shop for Lorcana League. They also carry a small inventory of comics. Everything is $2.
I figured while I was there I might as well check & bingo…Secret Wars.

Then…I placed third which netted me two packs of Lorcana cards & I pulled an enchanted! About $100 card.

Good day!