I Like What You Got! (LCS Finds)

Yeah the staples need to be removed to take them out / put them in. I’ve also seen them online only for $30+ and I was getting close to just buying on eBay. Keep hunting, they’re out there.

Went back to the shop that had a stash of Eight Billion Genies and found this sitting on the shelf by the kids section. Can’t believe i found a brand new copy still sitting out in the wild. Paid cover price $7.99 :grinning:


Wow. Great find.


What’s special about that for those of us with less Star Wars knowledge? I wanna know!

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First Bo Katan. First Dark Sabre.


Yeah first Bo Katan and Dark Sabre from the Mandalorian. Huge first appearance of a fan favorite character.

Can you guys look at the pic and advise if I should get this cgc graded? People are asking ridiculous prices for high graded cgc copies. I won’t be able to get a 9.8 out of this. It looks sharp and new but the bottom right hand corner has some scuff wear on the front cover. Don’t know how cgc would grade it.

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Found Dark Ride #1 one per store for only $14. not bads.

Hard to say from a single pic, but the wear alone probably puts it at a 9.4 to 9.2.

My recommendation would be to look closely at graded copies on eBay (not just this book, but others in the series as well) as best you can to see how yours compares. I’m not sure if defects are treated the same for these mini graphic novels.

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Those, “Dark Ride,” one per store covers are hot.

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Like D-rog said, not enough pics but it does look worthy of being graded. here aren’t a ton of high grades out there.

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Today’s dollar bin finds:

And some “bigger” pickups include the Batman / Robin slap, golden age Dick Tracy (1941!) that looks amazing and 1st Norman Osborne missing back cover.


Fun little, unique find at a place that was listed as a comic shop but was really more of a gaming store. These were all in a dollar bin and surprisingly in amazing condition.


I have Werewolf 3d. PS one of he best horror shows on TV back in the old Fox days

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$15 for the set, hard to beat high grade cheap Mirage TMNT. Once Key Collector adds it to the app these wont be found so cheap.


Snagged this for the first appearance of Marvel’s Superman :man_superhero:. Less about the Starjammers, but also halfway specced in Cyclops’ daddio.

Not the best condition but I got it for a price I’m happy with.


Snagged this for cover price. First app/cameo of Batman Who Laughs. Released same day as Teen Titans 12, but market decided TT12 was first full due to scarcity and a few additional panels/dialogue even though his creators said DNM2 is his first appearance.


TT12 is also first cover.

1st Cover + 1st “Full” typically beats first in cameo (no cover).

Still a steal at cover. And market could shift back some day.

There is a 3rd print of DN2 book that is a store exclusive with him in the cover as well.


I agree, just funny how things work sometimes.

Actually I do believe Dark Days: The Casting #1 was actual first appearance. Shadowy figures on last page… they appeared right? It’s a first if they appeared and are known… We knew about them and what was coming. We knew of their (and BWL) existence…


  • come into sight; become visible or noticeable, typically without visible agent or apparent cause.
  • seem; give the impression of being.

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