I Like What You Got! (LCS Finds)

Yeah…then it’s “is a shadow a cameo” argument.

But yes, who else could it be?

I still say 3rd print store exclusive is the best book as far as Casting/DNM2/TT12 go.

I don’t think it even had that silly trade + virgin variant thing…

But no one else cares or knows enough to drive the market In that direction.

Need Nick to make it a Pick on KCC! Then it’ll erupt.


No virgin on that cover, just a Regular A & B and a B/W version. this was the 1st exclusive i bought simply b/c of BWL.

Not necessarily as Daredevil 21 vol 3 is the first appearance of Superior Spider-Man in shadow figure last panel.

But thats another character lol.

Anyone seen this before? Found this for a buck today. Hasbro not for resale variant, but can’t find any on eBay. Curious which toy this came with and how rare it is (if at all).

Edit: found the toy



Just some spider books today.

I like grabbing Marvel Tales which reprint the original classic cover.


Haven’t been buying much lately simply because there hasn’t been much I’ve found that I felt was worth getting.

Couldn’t pass on these though. Crow #2 is a second print but #3 a first. Both will grade out nice with a press. The Weird War #1 is such a cool book.
I never see Scooby Apocalypse books anymore so I grabbed all I found.
$70 for the lot.


LCS had a 50% ALL BACK ISSUES sale so I took advantage and snagged the following, including the earliest cameo appearance of The Batman Who Laughs.


What was the price tag on those books, out of curiosity?

I went to my main shop cleaned out my pull box and found these back issues.

With my subscriber discount it all cost me around $40.


All together it was $36 for all back issues, but about $68 total including weekly pulls. Then another $200 in toy drive purchase.

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god i wish the woods would get optioned again


Me too. Sooooo many slabs…


i found a store who got their hands on the left over year book variant copies, bought the whole stack on netflix/boom deal news. really thought after siktc heat some one would pick up tyrions other hit series

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Gotta love 50% off back issues on Black Friday. A few of my finds. Shocked to find SWHRA 2 for cover. Well, half off cover price. Love that WWBN 11 cover. $3 for a clean Star Wars 40. Ok.



Love that Death of Dracula as a spec book.
I am always on the hunt, in particular, for high grade 2nd printings.

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I’ve been looking for that Dracula book in the wild forever. Today was the first time I spotted one.

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