I Like What You Got! (Online Scores)

I’ve read that they’ve based their QC practices on the defunct car company, Yugo.

We just need to be patient as it is a work in progress… y’know… for the last 5 years or so. No biggie

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CGC hired the Bob’s to consult on how to fix “glitches” in the QC…


I mean how hard can it be to give a book the once over to make sure there’s no issues? As well if they’re not opening modern books to check the pages and any digital copies they’re not providing the service they been paid for.

Paid a whole $41 +$4 shipping


Show the golden age!

Still waiting on the mail only 12:30 here

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“So, what would you say you DO here?”

Golden Age Highlights
Confessions Of Love Classic LB Cole cover
Airboy #1 1952
Race For The Moon #2 Kirby art 1958
Ranger Comics #64 Classic Firehair cover
Turok Son of Stone #3 first issue in series 3rd appearance


Lots.of great stuff here! What condition are the golden age books in?


Most are G/VG the Firehair is closer to fine. Already sold the LB Cole cover and FF #58 and broke even off those two sales for the package.

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What’s the white cover? Looks sweet

Vampirella Year One #6 Parrillo virgin

That’s a lot of Lazarus Planet Next Evolution 2nd prints

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I like additional printings :grinning:

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I tell ya something…

There was an Ebay seller that was giving me pre-orders for 50% off. Very good & cool guy. All books were also bagged & boarded. :grinning:

This was in 2021 & 2022. Towards the end of 2022, I think he realized how bad that was and stopped selling. :sneezing_face:

I miss that seller…


That Venom Gold Foil showed up, the real deal has a fine sticker on the bag but it’s flawless probably a 9.8


That’s a nice find. you have nay of the other foil errors?

This Derrick Chew Linen cover is amazing in person.

Can’t go wrong with some Artgerm, another for my foil collection.


Picked the first one up for $1

Next two were given to me for free (recalled variants)