I Like What You Got! (Online Scores)

Problem is Cherry Poptart cannot be sold on eBay. I have some early issues I had tried selling and he auctions always get taken down. No matter if I list them as “Cherry” or “Cherry Poptart” they get taken down.

I’ve actually heard that before. That’s a bummer considering they allowed those questionable Wednesday Addams boob covers from a whatnot seller… in any case I may just keep it in the PC for now since it’s the 1st print. I’m sure I could sell it locally if I needed to. Have you tried listing your copies on Mercari?

I saw those, I wish someone would tip her off to them using her likeness.

it’ll be interesting to see how they treat Cherry Poptart variant covers that are coming out on the next two issues of Money Shot. Will those get pulled by the algorithm?

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I’m sure it’s gotten to her and whoever owns the rights to the character. The risk for lawsuits was brought up in a YouTube video w the guy who put out the comics and he didn’t seem phased at all. Probably not his problem tbh, it’s the publisher that’s really taking the risk.

That’s true. Fan art is one thing but I feel bad for her likeness being used like that.

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I’m hungry. Going to go see if there are any cherry pop tarts in the vending machine around the corner from my office.

Update: dang…only strawberry.

And this is why you’re not losing weight with all that running you’ve claimed to be doing… haha!

Comic tom has a comic series coming out and one of the characters is literally based off Anya Taylor Joy. Not sure what kind of legal trouble that brings

I know which book I wont be buying…


Ditto, I bet it has a lenticular cover that has arms waving around on it

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Everytime I see Comic Tom, I think of this:



I choose not to see him anymore. I don’t understand why people watch his videos when all they do is read off a list KCC created and shout and scream like so many people on you tube do to get attention.



I keep hearing more and more buzz about, “Barbaric.” Interesting.

Barbaric is a good read, I picked up a black and white release of the 1st issue and the artwork is amazing inside it.

2 cover buys for this week. Quah nailed it on the Dawn Attacks book and Jo Chen SF foils are always an instant buy, she draws SF characters really well. Also the foil on this is so good it looks like it has layers ghat creates a feeling of depth in ths image, very cool.


Love winning these types of auctions


Very nice. I have the set, but didn’t get them that cheap.

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Ebay changed the adult rule about two years ago. We got suspended twice for it. One for Gun Honey 1 nude bagged edition. The funny thing is it was bagged, nothing to cover up, but we used the word nude in the title description and I guess the 'bot picked that up. It’s funny how ebay spent 25 years collecting fees on this category, then they become “moral”? I dunno maybe they got sued or something and the lawyers said it would be easier to restrict the category.

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Best I understand, when eBay changed to a new payment processor they couldn’t have, “Adult,” stuff. They let the adult category still accept payment via PayPal for a bit but then decided to drop it, and that was that.