I Like What You Got (Original Art)

I believe they do/would. Anything for their going rate :stuck_out_tongue:
The other option offered was to make a high quality copy and get the copy colored instead.
I opted out of that choice. :man_shrugging:

@Bill No secret that original artwork almost always looks better than the printed page. One of the reasons why some of them go for huge sums. Always buy original! I have!

Click on the larger image that I posted on what Travis Charest used to put into his art


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Yea… comics are a far secondary to my OA collection.
Comics are simply commodities since there’s hundreds/thousands of the same issue. And I’m in it now just for profit; not love. I stopped loving stories when they became a TV soap instead of a 15 minute story with a comprehensible beginning, middle and end.

But original art drawn by hand - now we’re talking.
Each piece distinctive and unique


Likewise for me, comics are a secondary distraction to OA! Here’s my comicartfans page for those interested

Comic Art Gallery of Myron Tay at ComicArtFans.com

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Latest acquisition Page 1 of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2022) #1. Some first appearances on this page.


Heads up to Spider-man collectors looking for a cheap Quesada. There are three prelim versions of a page from ASM 544 available for $100 a pop. I almost grabbed them, but as you all know, I’m not really a Spider-man collector. They are super cool, though:


Got this sent to me from @Gbess (yes, our very own CHU member who does some awesome artwork), a Ghost Rider first appearance homage but for Cosmic Ghost Rider and few other character swaps… You’ll have to excuse the pic, it’s still in the holder but it’s very slick, need to pick up a frame for this sucker! It’s on a full size comic book page layout…


Just got my Bloodline #1, page 13 from Karen Darboe. What a great experience it was working with her. She sent me a really nice hand written letter of thanks along with some extras as well. Highly recommend if you ever have the opportunity.


These bidders have run far and away from my price range, but there are some serious pieces of Star Wars comic history up for auction at comicconnect right now.

First, there’s this tryout page that Russ Manning used to convince the powers that be that a newspaper comic would be a good value-add to the Star Wars brand. It’s all pencils and features Han Solo disguised as a Tusken Raider. It also features the original proposed title, “The Adventures of Luke Skywalker”. Currently it’s sitting at $2,500.

Russ is more widely known for his work on the Tarzan strip, but Star Wars is part of his claim to fame as well!

Next there’s the Star Wars Sunday Strip #2 featuring C-3PO talking to a giant underground Super-Computer named Mnemos below the Yavin base.It’s sitting at $9,100.

Next up Star Wars Sunday Strip #29 sitting at $8,200

Finally, frankly the granddaddy of the entire set. The first newspaper comic appearance of Boba Fett in Star Wars Sunday Strip #68. This issue predates most collector’s favorite Boba Fett “first”, Star Wars #42. It kicks off the final Star Wars story drawn and written by Russ Manning, the Frozen World of Ota! Unfortunately, Russ passed away in 1980 mid-way through this story. It was completed by Dave Stevens and Rick Hoberg. Then, eventually, the newspaper strip was handed off to Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson to see it through to the end.

This monster piece of comics history is currently sitting at a $15,000 bid!

Yeah, those natives are on snowboards. Yeah, Boba Fett was flying a Tie Fighter. Yes, Luke and Boba Fett also later use aforementioned snowboards.


Looking for some assistance on a commission I paid for in NYCC 2022. The artist could not complete the commission during NYCC so I gave them my information to reach out to me when complete.

I have tried to contact the artist by email, Twitter, and Facebook, and no response. Any advice on how I can contact the artist? thanks.

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Who is it? Have you done the whole google stalker type investigation just to get any sort of lead of a rabbit hole type dig into a way to get ahold of her/him?

Are they associated with a specific publisher/retailer, etc?

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Who’s the artist? Don’t be afraid to call them out here. Maybe someone knows how to get a hold of them.


Find out who the artist is currently working for or find out who the previous publishers are and reach out to them.


If you go streaking through the quad & gymnasium you’ll find them at the latter. Who’s the artist?

Does this artist have a representative or do they manage themselves? If you’re on Facebook, you might want to search the Comic Art Buyer Beware group to see if this artist has dropped the ball on other people, too. There are unfortunately several artists that have gained terrible reputations for doing this.

Hope you didn’t pay with cash! No way to tracking or proving, they can just deny the work, which ultimately would be a good way to lose future work so you must share the artist name. These folks should be held accountable for their actions.

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Also, never pay up front. Perhaps a small deposit to secure the commission but never give them money until you see the finished work.

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I paid cash, in full, the is artist Maria the Wolf.

High Republic 7, first appearance of Darth Krall:

Life Day 1 First Appearance of Burryaga and Nib Assek:


I’m really sorry to hear that. I’ll be at a con she is at this weekend. Feel free to PM me if you want me to ask about it.

EDIT: have you tried reaching out via Inky Knuckles? I know he only sells her published stuff, but it may be worth a shot?

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