I Like What You Got (Original Art)

This is a little different.


A couple post-card sized pieces of graffiti came up for auction by artist “SAMO.” SAMO is actually a collaboration between Jean-Michel Basquiat and Al Diaz during their time in high school together. They would tag “SAMO” around New York. These are promotional postcards apparently. They mix media with clippings, some of which were comic books. The one in particular that I won for a paltry $250 has Captain America and Spider-Man elements collaged into it.

I’m not a major Jean-Michel Basquiat fan myself, even though I appreciate his work. But the price on this piece of modern art history seemed too good to pass up. I may give it to my father-in-law who is a former graphic designer and current art history professor.


Sell now or hold to see the reception after movie drops?

With reference to this - birthpage of Spider-Punk


That’s a tough call. I would be hesitant to let go, based on character and regard for Coipel art (not just current demand but future demand). If you bag a great price and it helps you do something better with that money, that’s up to you.

Consider not just the recent Spider-Punk series, with the other fun Earth 138 characters introduced, but also the Spiderverse toys in stores.

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I wouldn’t hold on up anything spider-verse unless it’s Spider-Gwen or Miles. No one’s going to give a flying ■■■■ about any of those characters after the movie.


I mean, one or two might breakout? Otherwise you’re right.

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Purchased directly from Kevin Nowlan. (I hate buying from art dealers who jack up prices).


Art day from Artgerm!


Art day from Dan Mora too!


I finally framed this!


I grabbed this page from Ajax Sigma’s first appearance today:

His birth page is available, but I couldn’t swing $675:


A couple other Ajax pages from the issue as well:



Although I haven’t physically obtained this yet, I was just shown my commission from Javier Saltares and am ecstatic over how detailed and how unbelievably gorgeous this piece is. I was expecting something nice for what I paid, but not this level of detail.
The Backstory: a few commissions opened up for Javier Saltares at Terrificon at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut (July). I jumped immediately as I loved his Ghost Rider in the 90’s. Now I guess I have to attend to get it :rofl: :rofl:


Someday I need to get a commission. Just need to decide who and what….and also when….possibly why.


Asking price of $45k for the first appearance page. Not surprised it didn’t sell, original art folks are less motivated by FOMO than comic folks.


Yep - FOMO and a sense of logic for OA collectors.
For $45K; the various incredible, legendary, highly desirable artwork I could purchase over the 1st appearance of a new character like SpiderBoy… well… it’s not even a thought for me if i had that money to spend.


Never herd of EXP. Watching the video, man this was just so bad. This seems sooo cringey. Like QVC scam artists selling beanie babies back in 1998…

I would never buy art from “EXP”.

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Ahhhhhh… good ol’ Mr. Integrity Nicky B & Bleeding Cool. I’m feeling so nostalgic today. Such great memories. Such great ads even! A stroll down memory (nightmare?) lane.

Where’s the Comic Mint when I need them?

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It is not even the first appearance page - that belongs to the Ramos cover!

Guess I should be asking for more for my first Spider-Punk page!

A well-known collector offered $40k during the stream. Deal did not happen. I think every other page sold, though.

It does blow my mind how many people can drop a car’s worth of money on art at the drop of a hat.

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Anyone buying original artwork of a new character that’s not even ■■■■■■■ original for $45,000 should be relieved of all their money. You could buy an actually popular, original & well established character instead of some derivative pos like spider-boy.