I Like What You Got (Original Art)

Well, that just made the commission worth a whole lot more!


Did he keep a digital scan or just recreate it? If he did a digital scan its no longer a commission and now a cover page.

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He kept a digital scan and used it for the cover. Quite a few of his recent commissions had been used as covers.

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got my first page of original comic art last week from ramon perez at rose city comic con, portland.
amazing spider-man 2014 issue #1.1 (“Learning to Crawl” #1) Pg. 8 for $150. he had other pages featuring peter in costume but they cost at least double so i went for this great classic-style “peter at school” scene featuring who i assume is flash thompson.


I just got this in today, Deadpool Badder Blood 5 Cable Prelim sketch directly from Rob Liefeld.

I’m wondering how long he has held on to this sketch because behind it you can see what looks like a cover sketch to some Image comic. Any idea what it could be?? It almost looks like Chapel ??


That’s pretty funny. I am guessing he repurposed art he was going to use for something else.

Cool pickup though


Saw Zoe Thorogood left too. Wonder what happened

There’s a lengthy thread on the CGC Original Art forum about Cadence.

Can you give us the cliffs notes?

Mostly people complaining about ordering commissions and not receiving them for years, if I recall correctly, and that seems to have escalated a bit recently, but I might be wrong, haven’t been paying all that much attention as it’s been ages since I bought anything from Cadence (not because of any particularly reason, just been buying mostly from Heritage recently).

A quote from that conversation that seems to summarise it: “I don’t know the ins and outs, but having spoken with a couple of the artists I’m friendly with it appears the owner (Paolo) has done something which is likely going to cost him his reputation and company. According to them it’s almost certain that Cadence is dead. It seems like the artists are tying up loose ends with commissions and what not, but if you want art or are expecting something you should probably be at them.”

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Damn must’ve been really bad if tons of artists are leaving. I know a few of them are selling their own stuff independently now


Super curious what happened. Cadence had a massive roster and is now down to 22 artists. I wonder how many will be left in a week or two.

Shenanigans I suspect

Just got this from ebay, Robbi Rodriguez, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde.


Just fyi …
Not sure how many on here would be interested, but I just backed this on Kickstarter.
The last pledge has an original Mort Walker sketch (only the creator of Beetle Bailey).
$159 w/ shipping
Expensive, but I thought it’s pretty cool



Read a fascinating interview with Mort Walker shortly before his death years ago. I think it was The Comics Journal who spoke to him?

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