Identity of God of Light

So any theories on who this god of light is, that is Knulls opposite?

Sentry has an opposite force, so that got me thinking mayyyyyybe… although that theory is probably Knull & Void… ba dum tss

But really, has anyone been thinking about who it might be? New character or someone we’ve seen before?

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@dPcomics I wrote this up awhile back on a thread here:
Ever since we had those leaks from “Web of Venom:Wraith”, I’ve been trying to think about spec that could play into this. Obviously, it is going to take something very powerful to best him. There may be zero spec. Maybe Cates has just crafted something entirely new. I’m going to list a few things we “know” & their corresponding books. In mapping out Knull’s history they could be important. I find it very hard to believe that book was leaked on accident.

We are told Knull was\is an Eldritch form/God who was happily making his way in the void. It’s difficult to determine if he was around prior to the 1st Firmament however. We have been told that First Firmament was alone in the universe and I’ve also seen information that says Knull was a result of the 1st shattering of the First Firmament during the Celestial War.
I don’t believe Knull was created by the 1st Firmament (because he/she was lonely), although he does seem to fall in line with some characteristics of the Aspirants.
Ultimates Volume 2 #5 & #7 (2015) are great books relative to this topic.

So with things we have established in Marvel history, combined with what we’ve been leaked from Wraith…what could perhaps take him on?

1. The One Above All-not a fan of this-too easy.
2. Oblivion (but has zero associations with “light”)
3. Fulcrum (again, too easy & no real “light” association)
4. Celestial Madonna (I like this & my essential reason for the post).
Sure Knull has killed Celestials, but that doesn’t mean they are powerless against him. We know he took a beating & nearly was destroyed already. We’re just not sure what he was fighting when he took a fall?

Celestial Madonna was supposedly destroyed by the sun…but was she. Celestials are more than their physical forms. While not the exact same, the fact that the “light” in Web of Venom:Wraith has patterns which are similar to those found on the physical forms of celestials intrigued me.
S.H.I.E.L.D #1 & #4 (2010)

The other non-light centered factor that could, once again, be brought into play is the “Godkiller Armor”. The thing was made to kill Celestials after all. Stark has also indicated he still knows how to access it. For those not familiar, this isn’t the Iron Man variant type of armor…this was a massive construct developed by the Aspirants to specifically destroy Celestials.
Iron Man Vol 5 #12 & #16

Images relative to Celestial Madonna (again, “supposedly” destroyed by bathing in the light of the sun).
“The sun defeating the night” quote is particularly cool relative to the image below

Anyways…my usual caveats. Not a pump…not a dump…just fun comic book talk.

Feel free to bash & poke holes…part of the fun in spec!


Also, in a similar vein…this is in my opinion, THE book that explains the precise event in Marvel history that awakens Knull. It directly correlates to what he explains in Venom #4.
Such an underrated book. A great read & explanation of the Marvel universe.


Yeah that’s really good info! I like the celestial madonna theory, although I do have some Iceman 3’s ready if it’s Oblivion.

Personally I think that the Kree Empire created this weapon using the technology invented by Wraiths dad. If Stark somehow got a hold of this technology, then maybe it’s someone on earth. Only one I can think of is Sunturian although I doubt that. Doesn’t fit into a cosmic storyline, but you never know.

Ok… I’m a lil typsy. Watching drunker chat with Might Melv and the guys. Ultra was laying some heavy spec game about Granklin Richards possibly being the God of light. I cant even really recap it because of the libations. But he gave some gooood clues from FF 345 376 377 where Franklin does a few things that resemble possible Knull related events where Ben Grimm gets possed by Dreadface etc. Long shot and I’m gonna have to relisted but they had screen shits of the comic with symbiote like substance in the 90s possessing people. Idk. But I’ll drop the link its toward the end the last 30 min. They still live as I’m typing.

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Yep FAntastic Four -#245 1st “Avatar” adult Franklin Richards is starting to make sense. He is the most powerful character in the Marvel universe😁

See the light that follows him around

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YUP @Alana that’s what’s they were speaking about. When ultra broke it down it made sense. Especially how these current FF issues have a lot of serious spec behind it. Idk. Libations. Its 3:52am east coast but I’ll have to rewatch n compose thoughts. But Ultra was talking some shit.


That’s from FF #245 and Web of Venom Wraith #1

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After reading fantastic four #245 I would say I’m 97% sure Franklin is the God of Light no reason to make FF #245 a $1 King in Black reprint since this whole story is all about Franklin manifesting his adult self the first time and he displays all the powers this God of Light has shown thus far unless he is the God of Light.

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So why is Hulk #141 also a $1 King in black reprint is it because of first Doc Samson or is it because Doc Samson says he was led to build this raygun by an unseen force, the ray gun transfers psychic power.


The illuminator…from the 90s

Niiiice! I did not get to go down the rabbit hole much more. Did you read the Iron Man Doomquest book too? I need to pull it out today to see what’s in there. The Avengers #83 as well.

I think the Lord of Light is a cool candidate too. He uses the same lightforce as Dagger and Marti Li (which Li used on Eddie ultimately bringing about Anti-Venom). Seems to fit well.

But yeah… My money’s on Avatar.

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2nd & Charles used to always have a bunch of these in the dollar bins (as well as the Lifebringer one). Incredibly important book, IMO!

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Just pulled the Iron Man Doomquest book. Oddly enough this is one of my first comics ever which would have come to my brother and me in the mail in 1981. Our parents had Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hulk sent to us every month for a few years. I was five!

But yeah, Cagliostro is in this book. Doom travels back in time to learn arcane arts from him. Not a lot of appearances and ones that exist appear to be Darkhold / vampire related as he seeks immortality.

His first appearance is in Dracula Lives Vol. 2 No. 1 (magazine) and the appearance in the Iron Man book is fairly random (but awesome!).

Pretty dark character who seems to be on the macabre procession I think King in Black will take.

I’ve likely not read that book for like 35 years!

Sorry these are likely hard to read:

image image