Is Clownhunter Red X?

They could… Peter Parker has been how old for how long? Just sayin… Time does not have to apply in fantasy made up worlds…

Edited for jclu’s sanity sake!

Old Man Logan…
Takes place in the future…
Logan is old…
Spider-Man/Parker is dead…
Time can very much apply in fantasy made up worlds. :wink:

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Oh, I’m not saying it’s not possible… anything is possible in made up fantasy stories… we got people running faster than light, a guy from krypton that is indestructible, mutants that can walk through walls and control minds… but you know, can’t have Clownhunter being a teen still in a future story line… nope, that’s just too unrealistic for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just saying, if you want all the rules to play by the actual rules and limits of our current universe in reality, then stick to shows like 90210 or something… real teens, real world problems… :wink:

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:100:…that’s why I chose ‘can’ instead of ‘does’.

Now you’re just being pedantic… you knew what I meant in my initial response, don’t be that ‘guy’! :wink:

I edited my initial response just for you @jclu

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Now that’s a badge we need: The Pedantry badge :slight_smile:


Yes YES YES!!!


Words matter. Especially in a written forum. :man_shrugging:

Only to those who are pedantic… :wink:


This work @ein ?

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We wouldn’t want another colossal mistake like your founding fathers had with that whole ‘bear arms’ amendment thingy in your constitution.
Words matter to those who read critically. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. This got ridiculously off topic rather quickly, I digress. :stars::beers:

Comic book forum, not what I’d call a ‘formal’ site whatsoever and has no bearing on anyone’s lives… (see what I did there)…

A far cry from or in comparison of say a Constitution that governs people in an actual government institution.

You worry too much about the small details. You’re being pedantic. Learn to relax a little, you don’t have to go around correcting people ALL THE TIME! Now let’s on with the subject now or I bring out the moderator whipping stick!

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Haha, that’s very appropriate!

You ever see that episode of, “Family Guy,” when it was still funny with a joke about this? The joke is founding fathers meant a literal pair of bear arms in a home from a killed bear. Makes me chuckle.


How do you get the $2 price? I’ve added it to my cart, but the price is $3.98.

Looks like they excluded it from their sale because other books still show 50% off in my cart but Batman 96 is full price. Batman 89 3rd print is now showing as sold out.

Huh, I wonder if a sudden run on that one book changed their mind. The few copies I grabbed were at $2/per.

I don’t care if Clownhunter is Red X, but if my 1:25 9.8 sells for $300 i’m all for it!


Yeah what happened between the 31st Jan and 1st Feb? the book is basically selling for double it was within 24hrs, this spec has been out for a couple days, did some speculator push this or something?

I think speculators already liked Clownhunter long term and with the Red X theories, it only helped.

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