Jon Kent comes out as Bi-Sexual

First appearance of the relationship is in fan fiction somewhere I am sure

Every character is coming out gay. or bisexual It isn’t special anymore .Why is this issue special?

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It’s not every character, it is just enough it still gets attention and results in hype and sales. If more and more characters who are LGBTQA+ do appear that will eventually make it less of a big deal though, which would be good cuz I’m all for the diversity of voices and characters.


LGBT people are only like 5 percent of the U.S.It seems like pandering to me.Not every single comic book needs a gay or bi character. Jon Kent was into girls until now.


I’d assume as he’s bi that means he’s still into ladies too. Just open to dating a fella as well. I don’t think its pandering so much as it expresses the differences our World has. I feel like 5% is a low number too considering how much of a spectrum sexuality is.

If these clowns were smart, they could create a new LGBT character and not piss anyone off instead of trying to turn everyone gay or bi.

Jonathan Kent has only been around since 2015. He’s a pretty new character and this is just another aspect of him being revealed to readers. If people are pissed off they really need to evaluate what makes them upset.


Yeah.He was always into girls until now.

Again, he’s still into girls. You’re missing the forest for the trees so I’m just going to stop trying now.


Lol, who is so insecure that this is pissing them off?

Why does that even matter? I know so many people that got married and had kids with the opposite sex before realizing they were bi or gay.


According to DC Fandom there are over 10,000 characters in the DC universe. That would mean at least 500 are likely LGBT on average.

Can we name them all? I’ll see if I can find a list online.

Also, marvel has 8000 reoccurring characters…can we name the 400 that are LGBT?

I’m not sure how many have “come out” recently or have always been LGBT for DC and Marvel…. But it doesn’t feel like 500 or 400 respectively.

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My own mom was into my dad until her early 30s… Your point again?

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If anyone gets pissed off because a “fictional” character doesn’t align with their own sexuality or what they perceived as the characters sexuality should revisit their own life priorities…


In reality I’ve seen several men and women in their 30s-50s come out as Bi/Gay so its as normal as anything in life especially for young people/characters still trying to figure themselves out.

I’m 43 and still trying and learning new things about myself… it’s never ending, until death!

I commented in one of the several fb group post about this saying “Where was this rage when harley and Ivy came out as a BI couple?..oh wait its sexy so its acceptable”. Then a guy commented “Two girls kissing is sexy and two guys kissing is disgusting”. I left it alone after that lol. Guy basically proved my point.


I’m so out of the loop with reading anything Marvel or DC produces; that I’m still trying to figure out who Jon Kent is after this entire thread. I thought Clark Kent is Superman :man_shrugging:

Half Kidding btw

I don’t care if he is gay, bi or straight. I am not interested in Superman Jon Kent comics before or after this announcement.


I am in it for the flip potential.

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