Jon Kent comes out as Bi-Sexual

Maybe they just dont like a character’s main attribute to be him being bi/gay etc…its not relevant to a comic superhero, it seems to be to appease 0.01% of the population to get some to buy comics…while alienating many more who dont want to accept it as normal.

Its not his main attribute tho. Its no different than Ivy and Harley becoming a BI couple or hyperfocusing on the love life of peter parker and MJ. The only reason these articles/headlines hyperfocus on gay/bi stuff in comics is because their main goal is to get clicks/views and they know people who disagree with it will click on it and share it multiple times.

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yep which is why every article failed to mention it wasnt clark in the headline


The term “normal” is subjective. In today’s world, there’s no such thing as normal anymore. No one who seeks happiness should conform to old traditions and archaic thinking…


Issues 1-3 of Superman Son of Kal-El are already gaining steam. Don’t care what people’s political or social views are, I am here to talk about Comicsand what are hot, but what I can say is I buy comics to sell comics to people who are interested in them so I can buy the ones that interest me.


Yup… buy low, sell high. If you are a speculator who buys comics to flip, who the freak cares what’s going on on the inside… if you really don’t like it that much, ignore it, don’t buy it, don’t flip it… don’t do anything in regards to it. Nobody is forcing you to buy, read or flip it… move on to the next comic if it bothers you that much!

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I like horror comics not so much superhero comics but I tend to sell more superhero books than horror books. I don’t collect lady Death But do very well selling them.

Comixzone cancelled my order of 8 copies. Said I am limited to 2, but cancelled The whole order…now sold out.

Come on, man!

In call me icarus as I flew too close to the red sun.

Fortunately I did find a single copy sitting in the shelf at the LCS today.

Superman is a boring read anyways. This is a last ditch effort to save the title.


It’s not the stand alone title, and it’s not Clark Kent. It’s Jonathan Kent in Superman, Son of Kal-el. But the headlines on most news stories are a bit misleading

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I dont see Dc promoting this except for sites hyperfocusing on it for clicks. Without them the only way to find out I would believe is from reading the book. Where was the rage for Harley and Ivy or Mj and peter parker. Point being I dont see the difference in any of these circumstances. Only response I got from someone is “two girls kissing is hot and two guys kissing is disgusting”. Harley and Ivy just came out with of cover A of them locking up pretty hard and I didn’t hear anyone complaining about little girls seeing that. Its also ironic that anyone worries about kids seeing this stuff since for the most part kids dont read comics lol. And if they do I doubt they are reading Son of Kal-El lol.

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If I don’t like something for any reason and think it has no value; I don’t buy it.
If I don’t like something for any reason and think I can make a profit on it; I buy it and sell it.

I don’t read this stuff anyway.

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Reading a comic is not going to make anyone decide to become bisexual or gay. There are thousands of stories about straight characters if the flying half-alien having a boyfriend is just too outlandish.


MODERATOR WARNING: There will be no bigotry talk in this topic or on these forums whatsoever. Reading fictional comics does not make someone gay, bi, etc. If if bothers you that much, just skip the topic and move on to the next one but leave your bigot views to the plenty of other websites that welcome that nonsense talk!


Superman is a boring character for the last 3 decades. This might sell more copies

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I actually thought Superman Unchained was pretty good. If we got more Superman stories like that, the character wouldn’t be so boring.

Disliking fictional characters and making others aware of that ain’t wrong.

No, not at all but when you start talking like a bigot, then we’ll have issues. :wink:

If you don’t like it don’t read it. If the 5% or so don’t buy it (or enough of the broader reader group) Marvel won’t do it. Simple as that.

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So, is the copy of SoKE #1 in Walmart packs any different than cover A?

Seems like some are listing these as “Walmart Variant”.

I have a Walmart one, but need to grab a regular cover to compare.

Walmart pack copies selling for up to $10 above raws.

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