Marvel moving comic distribution to Penguin Random House

And IDW already had their TPB’s available from PRH.

Oh I know… Diamond is basically just turning into a glorified retailer for comics. They might as well just lease out small stripmall spaces, move their warehouse folks into them spread around the country and open up comic shops…

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If/When they lose Image they are done. They will probably just fold everything into Alliance.

If they don’t lose Image, Image will be forced to move cause Image can’t keep Diamond in business. Image should just go ahead and start planning on moving to Lunar or Penguin already… BOOM! and Dark Horse should do the same, since they’re likely the next bigger publishers on the list still at Diamond.

Thats why I said when lol. I think Diamond is done. Boom and Image will both move, probably to PRH.

PRH is bigger, more global and has their shit together. Can only be a good thing for comics I think with them taking over. Geppi got greedy, stopped caring when he made his distribution for comics into a monopoly and now he’s probably at home crying in the corner of his overpriced mansion… that will liekly fall prey to all the people he’s in debt with. Cause you look at Geppi’s history, he’s got a history of just being in debt… it was about time his reign fell due to his piss poor ownership of all his en devours…

I’m an Orioles fan and they’ve sucked each and every year after he bought a stake in the team back in 1994 I think… He might not own them now (not sure, haven’t checked) but him owning them likely doomed them for a good 100 years or longer…


i heard technically diamond already gets their books from penguin

After October 1st, Diamond will be a wholesale distributor for Marvel comics. PRH will be the direct distributor. For instance, my discount got cut almost 20% because I’m a small fry. However, I already had a PRH account and almost get the same deal I had before (within a few % points), and after some history, that should go back to what it was. It sucks short term for us, because we are losing a little bit on each comic (opportunity cost, not losing $$), but long run, as long as our comics are shipped safe and securely, and then we can do the same to our customers, it will be great overall.

There is nothing worse than getting a box of 240 comics, and 100 of them are damaged due to poor shipping and handling. Then you have to keep them in case they ask for photos or whatever, which takes up space. You also have the extra handling cost or the replacements, and then you have to manage who’s orders get held up, or keep track of who you owe comics to. Defects cause so many underlying issues that some companies don’t understand, which attributes to a massive amount of waste in the process.

TLDR…waiting for my first shipment from PRH to see if its gonna be good or bad! So far I”m liking how they are responding and their website is pretty easy to use.


i forgot the dark horse part
dark horse books ship from printers ship to diamond to shops

if there ordered gets shipped like every other penguin order, that means diamond will have to reship them. diamond stores will be late every week

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so… no change then…

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And handled an extra time, increasing damages, and opportunities for defects.


LOL. Yeah, what could go wrong? Diamond unpacking books from PRH, and repackaging them in that special way that only Diamond has…

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With the way Diamond treats TFAW, I can’t believe Dark Horse still puts up with them.

Yeah, Dark Horse could just ship all their books to TFAW for distribution to retailers… couldn’t get any worse for delays, right? :eyes: :scream:

They could at least ship their own orders directly to themselves. It drives me nuts thinking Dark Horse is sending books to Diamond just to send them to TFAW.

They do ship to themselves for their own orders… why would they sell them to Diamond to then buy them from Diamond? This is a reason why sometimes when Diamond is late, they process orders from Lunar and also include their Dark Horse titles…

Oh thank god. The insanity of the other arrangement would drive me nuts.

So Diamond needs to pivot to more of a focus on games and toys because at this rate they’ll be doing comics just as a wholesaler in 5 years if they are lucky. And yes, @agentpoyo is right about USPS being screwed over by rules and it is kind of on topic as the company chosen to deliver comics (USPS, UPS, or FedEx) will have an impact on things. My moderator stick shall stay sheathed. My, “Just for fun,” beating stick is out tho. Who wants a walloping?

What’s up with those 1 per store avengers books through penguin?