Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too)

The intent is for them to collect dust. I go long.


Don’t you know anyone that mentions a book when monopoly is around (which is every minute of every day) is pumping it because they have lots of copies?


Isn’t that what we all do to some extent? Most people don’t talk about books they don’t have and spend the most time writing about the one’s where they are heavily invested


I don’t see the point of pumping books on CHU. All the regulars here know that when you see a book on the “hot 10” list or KCC’s trending list it’s too late.

I have never bought a modern book at the current market’s inflated price. If they’re on these hot list and I see them at my shop I’ll pick them up for cover and flip them that week. I imagine everyone here is doing the same. If I miss a hot book, I’ll just move on to the next hot book.

It’s the sheep that are watching these influencer videos that are gobbling them up at inflated prices. I was at a small con this weekend and I saw a bunch of people buying Spiderman 7 spoiler for about $35 a pop. I highly doubt those were CHU members. We would’ve gotten our copies weeks ago.


I can’t… when I have tried I just recalled that he seemed to list every comic, worse than KCC. and especially seemed to push the ratio variants like we can all afford to just buy incentive ratios each week.

Thanks. But I could figure out what he was pushing without him. No real thought put into it. Plus I can’t stand his voice…


I made alot of money back in the day on that Niobe Hoknes variant.
That thing went for some big bucks back when Niobe was all the rage.


Come on now…he didn’t buy 1000…of issue 27 anyway…



LMAO, you busted him D-Dog. How did you find a post from him almost 3 years ago? Damn. :rofl:


That didn’t include the third print.

Quick search of Venom 27 in posts by him found it pretty quickly.

I’m not trying to bust on him. I just recalled the thread where he said how many copies he ordered…and everyone was like “holy she-it you really like venom.”

To his credit, he did say he was going to sit on them and play the log game, even back then.


If they were CHU members we’d have to perma-ban them for not following the First Rule of CHU-Club.

Buy Low, Sell High.


looks like it’s going to be a long loooooooooooooong game :grin:


I’ve been very upfront about my stash of Venom 26 and 27. Hence, the “(because I’m surely biased)” comment.

I’m long on all of my comics. I have found that keeping things simple and just asking myself one simple question after conducting my research is all it takes to have a decent batting average if you have a long-term, 5-10 year horizon.

I just ask myself if there is a good reason for someone to search out and buy the particular book in the future.

If the answer is no, I don’t buy it.

If the answer is yes, but only because of the cover, I buy maybe 100.

If the answer is holy moly, there are a ton of reasons to, I go heavy.

I probably go heavy about 4-6 times a year.

Once a book becomes and stays desirable, I end up selling 1-10 copies a week on average, with peaks and valleys along the way.

What happens, over time, is you basically create an annuity, as the books mature and the specs play out, the number of different books that consistently sell compound. So as time passes, the income continues to increase as well.

I have found this strategy is somewhat inflation proof, since the average sale is less than $50.


We’re just having some fun, don’t mind us.

I also do like the going heavy strategy on books that I believe in. For example I have over 50+ copies each of Star Wars High Republic Adventures 1 and 2 (first Marchion Ro). I have already sold a few copies of them to get back my initial investment when they were the hot book of the week/month. Just sitting on the rest. If they pop later on, good. If they don’t it doesn’t matter as I have already got my investment back and each copy costs me less than cover price.


I know you are. Just making that clear for the lurkers.

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I also went heavy on HRA #2. I want that OA that @Artist_Formerly_Known_as_DW has in his collection lol.


Eventually, every week ur holds prolly end up on top ten lists

Why does misery look so different on this cvr?

That’s what Springman use to do for his specs… he’d literally just pick like 30-35 books each week and pretend he knew what he was talking about if just one of those heated up.


I know. Then when #15 on his the list did well, he’d say, ‘See, I told you it’d be good or claim sole credit for the pick.’ I know him all too well. Right now, he’s reduced to begging for donations

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What a really sad effing life.

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