New Comic Book Day

I like them all … great artwork/coloring … blue one I prefer the most

I was always a fan of the spider clone outfit. Scarlet Spider for the win.

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I like the first one the best, the black suit with a light tinge of blue for the webbing. Looks great.

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Seems a little irresponsible to be taking your child daughter out for some web slinging…I’m sure that will end well.

I guess he hasn’t yet learned what comes with great power…

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Batman’s had kid sidekicks for decades and nothing bad has ever happened to any of them. I mean, a few crowbars and stabbings aside.

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don’t forget he forced one Robin to dye his hair so he would look like the others. Nothing wrong with that.


Ghostbusters Back In Town #1
Ultimate Spider-man #3
X-Men 97 #1

Out of stock at Diamond. All are in stock at PRH this morning.


Did you guys see Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi 6 Hans Women’s History Month at your shop this past week? My lcs didn’t get any and my online shop didn’t get their orders in. On ebay there’s very few new listings up for sale. So weird.

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Notable Reprints
Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #1 Final Ptg – First issue of the mega popular crossover is getting its last and final printing

Just going to point out that issues 1 thru 4 are on their final print release today, not just #1 and every person who purchased them, purchased all 4. They connect to make a poster type scene, especially if you take the time to get a frame for them. It will not surprise me to see issues 5 thru 7 get treated the same way in a month or so. People are buying them as sets to display together and last time I checked, it was more lucrative selling and shipping 4 than a single comic.

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Connecting covers sell, especially a set of 4 :wink:

This one’s a bit special in timing. All 4 are being released together at the same time with no guessing when and where the rest are and there’s a movie getting great reviews and box office hot driving additional interest.

4 digit register Tuesdays are being enjoyed by more than me today I assume. Happy New Comic Book Day!!! It makes me wonder if anyone’s even coming in tomorrow for Deadpool or Venom. DC ruling the roost so far this week easily.

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I couldn’t care less about Venom or Deadpool…

I always have hope for them. It’s still rolling with Godzilla today. Godzilla Pop just left while we discussed timeframes for the upcoming Godzilla 70’s fodder. Poster in this months catalog for #1. Facimile reprint coming for #1, omnibus in October. I’m going to release my set of all 24 issues between now and then and replace them with the omnibus.

Venom and Deadpool both entered the hobby after I’d gotten out the second time so they were pretty much new to me when I jumped in the 3rd time in 2010. No real love for either but both have had good days filling the register.

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Didn’t even go to the shop today. Windy and rainy anyway…

This weekend it was so windy when I opened the door a bag with a comic inside got blown out instantly into the street…and the comic got separated from the bag too…

I don’t know how it didn’t get damaged. Fortunately it wasnt raining.

I don’t like windy/rainy Wednesdays.

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I have one book in my pull box this week. I did pick up Mad Magazine second print.

Yesterday was the mad house for new comic shopping. Absolute heavy crazy traffic from opening until a couple minutes after I should have been closed. I even had a preorder for one of the Deadpool #1’s yesterday afternoon.

Today doesn’t even compare although we still have a few hours to go. I even had time to watch the X-Men Dark Phoenix movie on Disney + this afternoon.

Are DC books just selling better than Marvel? Or was it an odd week?

Hahaha. Never!

Marvel has heavier subscriptions by far. DC sells more off the shelf and on E-Bay it seems early on for regular non hotness types. Yesterday was exceptional I assume fueled in part by Godzilla fans. My assumption from talking to others is some stores aren’t dealing with DC anymore that cannot or didn’t get Lunar accounts. Less supply on many covers than a typical Marvel which may have a 25 to 100 ratio with everything and multiple other covers. Batman has always been the one they use as a baseline to compare comic sales to I understand. My bigger sellers to non subscribers are the smaller stories that don’t get ordered heavy like most of the stuff around Justice Society and all the other mini’s they start and stop before they have time to get active subscriptions going. It takes time and work to get someone to subscribe which usually means something that’s going to continue for a while like Marvel series. Prior to that it’s more off the shelf buying for the here and gones. If it wasn’t for the one Deadpool preorder, Marvel would still be sitting on a goose egg for this weeks online sales.

This week was heavy on Godzilla. Connecting 4 pack final prints, Godzilla MMPR II #1, Movie Funko Pops arrived, movie itself getting great reviews and word of mouth. Toss in first of month paydays and tax returns in the vicinity and yesterday was the perfect storm of sales traffic. I even sold my last 10" Godzilla Funko from the previous movie yesterday.


Todays grabs.

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