New Comic Book Day

Diamond Comic Distributors have issued a Diamond Plattsburgh Special Alert concerning Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing product on-sale on the 24th of May.

Dear Diamond Customer:
Due to a serious truck accident, the shipment of Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing product with an in-store date of May 24 that was en route to Diamond’s Plattsburgh Distribution Center was damaged or destroyed.
While our immediate thoughts are with the drivers involved in the accident, all parties are also working to resolve the situation. More information will be provided as it becomes available. While some product may ship from reserves/backstock, some will need to be sent from the printer for a delayed release.
Diamond regrets any inconvenience this situation creates for you and your customers. If you have additional questions regarding this information, please contact Diamond’s Retail Services Department. Thank you.

So…wondering if we’ll be able to tell whether damaged Marvel books this week are just the crappy paper they use, or a result of this accident.



The major damage is the paper quality.
The pressable minor damage is from the accident.