New Comic Book Day

Diamond Comic Distributors have issued a Diamond Plattsburgh Special Alert concerning Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing product on-sale on the 24th of May.

Dear Diamond Customer:
Due to a serious truck accident, the shipment of Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing product with an in-store date of May 24 that was en route to Diamond’s Plattsburgh Distribution Center was damaged or destroyed.
While our immediate thoughts are with the drivers involved in the accident, all parties are also working to resolve the situation. More information will be provided as it becomes available. While some product may ship from reserves/backstock, some will need to be sent from the printer for a delayed release.
Diamond regrets any inconvenience this situation creates for you and your customers. If you have additional questions regarding this information, please contact Diamond’s Retail Services Department. Thank you.

So…wondering if we’ll be able to tell whether damaged Marvel books this week are just the crappy paper they use, or a result of this accident.



The major damage is the paper quality.
The pressable minor damage is from the accident.

Still no books from last weeks shipment.

Hey, Bleeding Cool, tell me you know nothing about Star Wars without telling me you know nothing about Star Wars…

When Luke Skywalker & Doctor Aphra Drop In On Ahsoka Tano (Spoilers)

I saved screen shots in case they take down the article.

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Shaak Ti’s name is literally featured on the cover ffs.


Lol and he even referenced that cover as it giving away the Ahsoka “spoiler.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This book is so trash man

That’s making me sleepy.

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Lol. Rich is such a fool.


So nothing but drek this week?

Looks like he took it down…

Is he stupid? Lol I know crap about star wars and know that’s wrong

Well, at least that’s the situation at my LCS’s this week. I walked out without any books.

So all of these aren’t new this week, but I’m just getting around to opening some boxes of online FOC orders.

Funny story, I repeatedly said origin stories and not yo be spec’s on…yet here I am with three copies of EotSV #3, And the Ramos cover. The story here is that I intended to only buy one, but forgot to delete it from my TFAW pre-orders when I bought it through somewhere else.

And then the place I did order it I accidentally bought 2 copies (must’ve added it to my cart twice without realizing.

Who knows, maybe that “baby Miles” theory may turn into something and it was a smart move! although baby spec isn’t something that has good odds either…

Also accidentally ordered two copies of Miles #7 as well (two different shops), however that was a “variant of the week” in my FOC picks!

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I haven’t been going big on Venom-verse, but I grab the cover One cover i like each issue. Same goes for Hallows Eve.

Ah, Star Wars.

I love the Mandalorian concept art covers. Putting together the set.

I see some potential with Cobb Vanth to have his own miniseries, and maybe become a fan favorite character in the live action. He’s got a decent back story (from the novels) and is now associated with fan favorite Boba Fett.

I grabbed two copies of the variant featuring him, as I think that is the best book if his first becomes desirable, or a great book for the actor to sign at conventions.

The Boba cover to Bounty Hunters is sweet.


Rounding out my FOC orders with some michelelaneous
Cover buys.

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Got a bunch of goodies this week from Knight Terrors Cover E, Extreme Venomverse #4 Cvr A, Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #1 Cvr A,B,C, Knight Terrors Batman Lee Variant is so sick. Edge Of Spiderverse #4 Cvr A to name a few. Did anyone notice that Heat Seeker Cover A has spine creasing/ color breaking issues? Every store I went to had the issue on every copy, this was the same issue last years Gun Honey Blood For Blood #1 Cvr A had which is annoying. But on the brighter side I was able to find the virgin Artgerm variant NM with no spine creasing. Happy New Comic Book Day.

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I have books I ordered pre-foc, but here’s what I picked up today.