New Variant Ratios on TFAW

I’ve had more packages damaged first class because it encourages shipping in flimsy mailers or bubble wrap w/o cardboard to try to keep it under 9oz.

At least media mail goes up to 1lbs before the price jumps…can put a lot of reinforcement in a package within 1 lbs.

I can get good solid thick cardboard and squeeze a single comic under 12oz. So I do ok with 1st class.

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Yet another reason to use Priority for the free $50 in insurance. I don’t like the idea of losing any money so everything gets insured.


I ship my stuff with much reinforcement, the money saved in insurance cost is worth it.

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Yup, that’s my thing in why I’ve used Media Mail, every package is 1lb minimum and it’s all the same price if it’s 1oz or 16oz.

My last Mercari sale I got 3 pieces of cardboard on each side of the comic at like 15.4 oz. I was amazed at my achievement.

Where I am, I think priority is actually the most likely way to get damaged if I’m getting it. I’ve had two priority boxes cut into in the last month. They see those white boxes and assume it must be valuable I guess. I’ve made reports, luckily nothing broken. If it comes through Atlanta terminal, I’ve noticed packages look worse.

I almost want to tell the people I buy from on ebay, please don’t use those boxes. It is like they are targets for some thief.
Myself, I send anything over a pound priority or anything worth over $40.
Some days I want to put a slab of iron in a gemini and write, “try to bend it” on the side…

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I’ve always wanted to try and just get one of those flat rate boxes to 70lbs… just to know some of them are struggling to handle it and it crushes all other packages on the conveyor belts… :wink:

The only good those priority boxes are is using them for cardboard sandwiches. Not even that good at that depending on which box you use.

I’ve gotten those filled with worm castings and they definitely were close to the weight limit. Poor box looked pregnant. The ones people use for graded books.

The worst is people shoving slabs into priority mail boxes that are exactly the same length as the slab…no extra room on the ends…

Doesn’t take much of an impact to damage the slab of it lands on the end…and the comic too.

Has happened several times in books shipped to me. I don’t use them for slabs for that reasons.

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The zone priority boxes always work for me. They are slightly bigger than medium size and it’s cheaper to ship. When you print the label, it will have zone a or b, etc in one of the boxes.

Different body that is not similar to another recent post.

Was sold out a minute after you posted!?

Cart drop

Batman #107 (Inc 1:25 Riccardo Federici Card Stock Variant)
Star Wars High Republic Adventures #1 (Retailer 10 Copy Incentive Variant) Yael Nath

Amazing Spider-Man #55 LR (2nd Printing 50 Copy Variant)

Star Wars High Republic Adventures #3 (Yael Nath Variant 10 Copy)

Tankers #1 seems to be up again for pre-order, even though they did not fulfill the one I had on pre-order pre-foc yet.


My TFAW order goes every two weeks. This week was week two and they neglected everything that was released 4/7. Haven’t heard back from customer service about it yet. Anyone have same issue? Do you know if their 4/7 orders were delayed? I got the 4/6 DC preorders in my order.