New Variant Ratios on TFAW

Amazing Spider-Man #77 (Aja Variant)

Star Wars #18 (Yu Variant War of the Bounty Hunters)

If ordering from tfaw, try to get at least 15 or so books in each shipment if you are able. They don’t put enough reinforcement in with the gemini mailers

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Funny, I’ve had the exact opposite experience. My Gemini packages from TFAW are always great, it’s the next size up boxes that always come damaged and look like someone sat on them.


It’s always a crapshoot with any seller (retailer or individual). I’ve had gemini’s show up damaged. I’ve had the rigid mailers show up damaged and in pristine condition. I’ve had the boxes show up in perfect shape and also damaged.


Looks like this week’s diamond books have processed already. Call Guinness because this could be a record 3 straight weeks.

Hah… I think they’re caught up. My last TFAW package came within a week and half or so. Sadly most of the issues suffered corner damage since they used a gemini (normally I have enough to warrant a box… sigh). Some were reader copies but I’m still gonna get them to replace or refund.

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Disappointed with the Aja variant. I’d pay $3, but not $20.

Yeah. Well, I try to pay cover price for all ratio variants. I’ve only paid over cover for some of the Star Wars I’m picking up from TFAW since I don’t make it out to the local shop on Wednesdays (and if they put out any ratios, they’re gone by the time I make it days later).

Lol, Penguin gonna learn the hard way about shipping comics


Batman Reptilian #5 (of 6) (Cover C - 1:25 Francesco Francavilla Variant)

Batman #116 (Cover C - 1:25 Ann Maulina Retro Gamer Card Stock Variant)

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Basilisk #1 (2nd Ptg Luckert Variant)

2 copies left

We finally got the warehouse to ourselves and were able to put together more stations, hire more people, etc. So more people in the warehouse and more people on the CS team, hopefully keeping caught up from now on and eventually getting back to the regular shipping/packing timelines.


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No matter what you look better at shipping than PRH right now!

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New TFAW exclusives for preorder next week…

Black Panther #1

Hulk #1

Newburn #1


Sam Keith, Mack, and who?

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