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Lol. I was way off


Anyone know (and willing to share) when Marvel incentives will re-appear for sale this weekend? With the holiday, plus the switch from Diamond, I’m lost when to look.

Marvel is on Monday with the Diamond orders still. Lunar is usually the weekend.


Batman #118 (Cover C - 1:25 Viktor Bogdanovic Virgin Card Stock Variant)

Batman #119 (Cover C - 1:25 Da Batgirls #1 (Cover E - 1:25 Rian Gonzales Card Stock Variant)n Hipp Card Stock Variant)

Batgirls #1 (Cover E - 1:25 Rian Gonzales Card Stock Variant)

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Does the Black Panther cover indicate that Shuri will become the Black Panther in the movie ? The actress playing her created some more waves recently, regarding Covid vaccines. Not sure she will have staying power with the franchise if she keeps rocking the boat.

Its just a cover

You may want to start searching right now


House of Slaughter #3 (Cover E - 50 Copy Infante Variant)

House of Slaughter #3 (Cover D - 25 Copy Dell Edera Variant)

Death of Doctor Strange #4 (of 5) (Wu Variant)

Darkhold Omega #1 (Tormey Design Variant)
Avengers Forever #1 (Remastered Variant)
Avengers Forever #1 (Artist B Variant)

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GI Joe a Real American Hero #289 (Cover C - 10 Copy Loh Variant)

2 left

Moon Knight #6 (Lubera Variant)

Man… Gorgeous cover.

I thought so too, so grabbed it.

Venom #3 Artist Variant

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I think, per the Previews catalog, that this cover is an Adam Hughes one (PLEASE CONFIRM !!):

Elektra Black White Blood #1 (of 4) (Artist B Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #79 (Davila Variant)

Hulk #1 (Bianchi Variant)

Hulk #1 (Adams Variant)

Hulk #1 (Trimpe Hidden Gem Variant)

Alien #8 (Silva Variant)

DC vs Vampires #1 (of 12) (Cover D - 1:100 Daniel Warren Johnson Card Stock Variant)

Captain America Iron Man #1 (of 5) (Jurgens Variant)

Inferno #3 (of 4) (Camuncoli Variant)

X-Force Killshot Anniversary Special #1 (Artist B Variant)

And I’m sure we linked to these already but looks like they might still be available:

House of Slaughter #1 (Cover F - 50 Copy Bueno Variant)

House of Slaughter #1 (Cover G - 100 Copy Frison Variant)

House of Slaughter #1 (Cover H - 200 Copy Frison Foil Variant)

House of Slaughter #1 (Cover I - 500 Copy Del Mundo Variant)

Very cool cover…

Nyx #1 (Cover N - Besch Premium Metal)

Nyx #1 (Cover M - Besch Ltd Virgin)


This one’s good as well but not worth the money for a dynamite book.

Most of the December Marvel books have an foc of more than a month before release. I don’t get it.

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