Nightwing #70

Nightwing #70 out next week is really heating up sold out at midtown and going for $30 on ebay. Looking forward to the spoilers from the team to find out why.

No idea why this is heating up. I see zero spec. Am I missing something ?

I think most are anticipating a Punchline appearance.

But it’s like a 3rd or 4th appearance. …

Market and demand works in mysterious ways…

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Read the solicitation of Nightwing 73. I think PL is going to make NW her beyatch.

But it’s likely punchline madness coupled with
a low print run.

I’ve added Nightwing to my pull list, but more for the Joker War read as this could get interesting…also check out Batgirl 47 solicitation.

Im checking solicitations now. This Joker war storyline will be in batman, detective comics, batgirl and nightwing. Could be a good read

Where can I get his pre-order? Midtown is out.

MCS will have it on Tuesday

I guess I need to buy my shops to pull a copy if they can…

You’ve been warned.

I just like the A cover!

Anyone have a full list of “Road to Joker War” titles, or whatever it is? DC really, REALLY dropped the ball by not making these very clearly labeled ahead of time.

Hi this is the list i can only find

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I find it a bit ridiculous that ‘The Joker War’ runs from Batman 95-100. 6 issue story arc. Cool. Here’s the issue; why on Earth is there 18 books that ‘tie in’? Does a 6 issue story arc really need 18 tie ins? That, to me, is ridiculously unbalanced. Stupid.

I agree. I won’t be buying all of them unless their solicitations sound worth picking up. So far a Nightwing and Batgirl have me intrigued.

I’ve added NW to my pull, and will be at least grabbing Batgirl 47. And of course Batman. Other books I have no interest at this time.

For me, it ruins the readers interest that I have for the story. I was looking forward to this arc but now all I’m thinking about is how much of the story am I going to miss if I don’t pick up all these tie ins. The tie ins will account for 75% of the story. Jesus Murphy. If all you read is the main story arc, you are only getting 25% of the story. SMH.

You can usually go without buying or reading the tie-in books. It’s just filler stories, a way to market and boost sales…

I understand that. I’m a fairly avid comic book reader. When I say what I say, I am thinking of the Metal tie ins, that I felt helped explain some of the mechanisms used in the main book, and this reminds of that type of story. I understand it is what it is, I just think the disparity between the 6 books in the main arc…and 18 tie ins is ridiculously unbalanced.

I’ve read Marvel tie-in’s that really didn’t explain or add anything to the “event” book… their honestly for the completists out there I think.