Nightwing #79 Spec

1st app of Heartless in #79. Might be worth grabbing a few.

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I see 78 sold out everywhere anything special in there?

I dont think so, maybe it was under ordered. Going for $20 i think.

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Great story, introduce new appearance (1st doggo ;D and descendant of Zucco). Emotional story for some, didn’t feel like super hero book.

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I thought its the 1st appearance of Heartless, not heartbreaker according to web sources. Is that the new cover? I thought the cover was supposed to be pink.

Sorry you are correct. That’s the cvr above for 81.

This is #79

Obviously, I can’t speak for anything other than my area, but #78 was pretty easily found still as of yesterday here. May be worth a trip or check of you stores if you are after it.

It has shown up this morning on the “Trending 20” hot books preview of a certain app most love or hate. So once that gets the alert and is sent out…it will likely be bought up.

Jeez I missed it had preordered random Ebayer and he canceled now I see why. I’ll hit the shops and see what’s up.

Let’s hope it’s more than just a cameo.

The Key Collector trending 20 has it listed but it says the sales a due to confusion from a bleeding cool article that sounds like it was supposed to be about #79

Made it sound like people were buying 78 when they should have been buying 79.

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It’s the first issue issue in a new run from Tom Taylor and I buy most of what he does. There is also a new puppy in it. Low printed title and crossover demand = sought after book, but the heat may die down. I would be surprIsed if each issue isn’t a great read though and it’s off to a good start.

I can’t think of a bad book Tom Taylor has written.


Seven secrets is one of my favorites right now. I been stockpiling numbers 1’s of that book.

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Yeah was in for it same way when I heard new writer etc. And the upcoming covers looked good. Figured I’d give it a shot for 5 issues new story etc.

geesh, if only people saw my post about #79 last weekend…


Haha… welcome to our world. :wink:


I saw it, but didn’t care. If that makes you feel any better.


I saw it as well and saw that it was Nightwing, so I was out. Nightwing is still just another dead Robin to me. :wink:


I also saw it and ignored it, I did just preorder 3 copies though…

Worthwhile non Batman DC spec is hard to come by.