Nightwing #81 Full Heartless

This could be a good long-term hold if the character has any traction. I bought like 30 copies of cvr a.


Did he not show up in #80? I thought that was supposed to be his first full with his cameo in 79.

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80 is a second cameo, he only shows up in the last panel.


I guess they are just trying to sell more comics.

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Yeah good long term hold, although I don’t have the space for 30 copies so I’ll just get a few to go with my copies of 79 to make sets.

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Heartless cameos in 79 & 80.

Lol. Space is always a problem. I have a whole floor dedicated to my collection.

Should be a rule. Once there have been 2 cameos you have technically made a “full” appearance in the comic book world.



At the moment, all 3 covers are available at TFAW, limit 3 of each. On another note, why is Nightwing on the pride cover? I always thought he was heterosexual?

Nightwing #81 (Cover A - Bruno Redondo)

It sucks when trying to determine the book to have.

Because they’re just celebrating Pride Month in general. The characters on the covers aren’t or don’t have to be gay to be on the cover.

I thought I read that the artists were LGBTQ+ but I can’t find that info now.

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Yeah, I know Marvel is using LGBTQ+ artists but not sure about DC.

The artists are LGBTQ+ I think, the characters can be straight but an ally. Nightwing is heterosexual as far as I know. I’ve seen plenty of gals post fanfiction where he hooks up with dudes though. Ladies love Nightwing be he straight or gay.

Just curious as the others I’ve seen the characters were all lgbtq+ and Nightwing was the first I seen that wasn’t.

The artists are LGBTQ on the Pride special one-shot that DC is publishing but not necessarily on the Pride variant covers for their various titles.

Spoilers for Nightwing 81 Melinda is Nightwings Sister


whoah…Nightwing #78 should skyrocket.

WOW that’s crazy!

One of my copies just sold.

21 A covers sold on eBay today so far.