Nycc 2022


Anyone from CHU Nation going?

Sadly no. Will be in NC on vacation with family.

I wish I was, because there are some exclusive comic variants…

I got my press badge in the mail already but I am not actually going. I have other things going on that popped up, will be in Oregon the weekend prior until Wednesday the 5th. I will also be in Detroit at the end of October for Kubecon.

I think @Anthony is still a “maybe” himself after I spoke with him the other day.

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real con variants or store variants?, if real variants at marvel booth do you know what issues they will have?

I haven’t seen any release but Marvel will have their own exclusives more than likely. They normally align with what issues are coming out that week or the week prior to the convention.

might be a sw visions or HR variant than

Would Marvel’s own exclusives only be available at the Con or would they be available online somewhere?

There is a SW Visions #1 NY Comic Con variant. There are giveaways at the Marvel panels, which leads me to believe those are con variants. No reveals yet.


Usually only at the convention. A lot of their past exclusives were serial numbered, usually up to 3000 total.

I’ll be there.
Haven’t missed an NYCC since it started

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Is it transferable? :grin:

And here I thought he just came down to the dungeon to hose you off or toss you a plate of scraps.

I should be there Thurs-Sat. A lot of people don’t like the show, but it has one of the best artist allies hands down.

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That’s where I spent most of my time in the past.

I have my pass. I am just not sure if I am going or not.

holy smokes that’s expensive