Oh That KCC…


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That was speccing on eating the baby. Everyone knows they are delicious.

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I’m allergic to beef so I can’t comment on veal. Lamb chops are good tho.

And they’re all off…!!

I just added this book to my watch list 3 days ago thinking it’d be a good time to grab a high grade copy on the cheap side…

So much for that!


what did they say about the book?

Can anyone verify this sale? I see 9.6s for $150ish listed on eBay. So I’m thinking this was a newsstand sale (I have a 9.6 newsstand myself) or a 9.8 sale.

I have to dig that out. I remember buying it the day it came out to read. I doubt it is a 9.6 though.

I had one and got it graded…came back a 9.4. Then a 9.6 newsstand showed up on eBay and I bought it for $70 or something….sold my 9.4 to pay for part of it.

I can easily get a 9.8 for $100 less than this reported 9.6 sale…

It was a Heritage sale (Link). Definitely an outlier. May have been a bidding war.

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What does this have to do with Key Collector? All kinds of sites posted this

Did the other sites call it “hot”?

Clearly it’s not.

Just pointing out their error.


Everything Spider-Man Noir is hot right now. How is that an error?

I thought you were talking about the Action #1 reprint.

KCC sent out an alert. Copies started flying off eBay.

Seems related.

I’m just not seeing how that is an “oh that KCC” moment. A series was announced, they reported it, as did many other media outlets, copies sold, not sure how the big bad Key Collector is at fault for you not pulling the trigger on a copy when they were cheap

I think you’re talking past each other.

He’s talking about the Action #1 reprint. Not spider-man noir

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I suggest going back to the OP and reading what the purpose of the thread was intended to be.

We all know what happens when they send out their alerts.

I do understand what the thread was created for, but, as I’m sure you know, it’s turned into a stick to beat KCC with; nothing but negativity. I’m all for slagging on them when they send out false info, but in this case, they just reported something that everywhere else did. I suppose I’m just tired of hearing people who use their app bash them for their own lack of foresight. Gotta stand up for the little guy every once in a while

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KCC apparently has taken a position that alien abduction stories are non-fiction. I think I need more proof before going out on that ledge.