Peach Momoko

Write down the nMes and then u can guarantee thAt that is their selling group and whos a memeber :wink:


I’m passing on the entire thing. These store deals with the same cover ruined it for me. Foil and virgin, i dont care about them, not at that price lol


I was being a little factious but still, I am gonna pass.

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Newsstand doesn’t have artwork up yet…interesting.

That was in response to the store variants with the mark up.

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I’m gonna start my own selling group! And they won’t be allowed! :rofl:

Well whats funny is that its “technically” not allowed under diamonds rules, but since its retailers going in on variants its allowed. I have started to learn to just go with ny own flow and do what im gonna do though. No sense in complaining

She just tweeted this. Wonder what it’s gonna be for

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Store variant…was announced a few months ago

meh, lame!

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Thought it looked familiar…

Actually, it’s kind of neat to see the original…even if it’s not my style or to my liking.

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Yea the picture is cool! Being a store variant is lame. It annoys me that store variants are often times way way way cooler than the regular covers or variants

One copy of the 1:20 sketch Cimmerian Frost Giants Daughter #1 is up for $8.74 on tfaw.

Spider-Woman #7 Momoko Knullified Variant was originally listed as a “Sway” variant. This one is awesome! On FOC Monday


It’s a meh for me on that spiderwoman cover. My wife did not like it what so ever lol

Not sure anyone cares about this but thought I would post it anyway since FOC is this Monday

Dr. Who #2 Momoko Sketch Variant

TMNT 110 With the Ronin Preview

Comic to Peach Momoko exsclusive to his mystery box. his response to that comment through me off… doesnt he sell the mystery boxes? So in essence hes selling the book?

One copy not both for $45 whatever

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