Pull me back from the ledge! DCeased #5 is not in July Previews

Anyone recognize this cover as a horror movie parody? They released what should be the A cover with Wonder Woman already. The B Covers have been head themed. That suggests this is a parody of some horror movies poster or promo, C Covers so far, especially since Catwoman’s already infected and Batman’s already dead.

I thought Yasmin Putri was responsible for the homage covers? I don’t think this is an homage.

That’s why I’m asking. It doesn’t fit the established pattern for the B Covers and what should be the A Cover is already out. The only other option so far was a blank offered for #1. They kept the 3 Cover theme for the One Shot Comedy interruption also.

If it’s not one of the Horror themes then I can drastically reduce Cover C orders since I want need 5 and 6 to collect into the sets of the first 4 issues and one shot.

I haven’t been able to name the movie any of them have been from from personnel experience.
1 apparently was one of the clown movies,
2 was one of the Nightmare movies.
3 was a movie called the Nun or something like that I’ve never heard of.
4’s named Horror variant so eventually someone’ll tell me which that’s from.
One Shot’s I’m not sure of that one either but it’s named Horror also.

I was told by another new DCeased customer yesterday starting out that the Horror Variants for 4 is from Final Destination and the One Shot is from Conjuring.

#2 hasn’t sold out at Diamond yet so the print run may be closer to the 1st issue than we thought based on Comichrons numbers for the first month of sales for the issue. I’ve had an extra 70+ #2’s invoiced and shipped this month already stock piling extras for when the free #1 one hits the streets the end of October at Halloween Comicfest.



#5 getting that acetate over the cover so you get two cover scenes with the spoiler inside treatment.
They also announced today.
DC has added a variant cover from artist Kaare Andrews to DCEASED: A GOOD DAY TO DIE #1, the one-shot interlude issue that expands the world of DC’s hit DCEASED miniseries. The cover will be open to order, and spotlights John Constantine – one of the stars of this issue.
You can order this new variant cover under item code JUN198686.

23 DCeased Variant Covers for October also so the Killer-B’s have now morphed to Cardi-B’s, Creepy-B’s and the Plasti-C’s.

Public Service announcement:

When you pick up your copies of DCeased #4 at the store during the Midnight Release Parties tonight, make sure you DO NOT READ IT!!! Just go ahead and file it away for 60 days until #5 arrives.

You have been forewarned.

Omg BJ, spoiler alert please !!!

It’s not a quote if you’re changing my words. You’re not even changing them to truthful statements

It’s a great read but there was no confirmation of any major deaths, just one big Villain. Superman and Wonder Woman are together at the time of the explosion which may not have even killed Captain Atom if he reforms in the future. Cities are gone, expected massive death toll but for 60 days we have to play guess what happened and who lived and who didn’t. Stressful and frustrating. I talked to multiple customers yesterday who don’t like this type of thing and wait for the trades to avoid insane cliffhangers with needless extra delays added in between.

If comics stress you out, you should re-evaluate your life priorities… :wink:

I bite the worm hard on this series. Today is DC Direct e-mail day so I’m hoping there’s an Advance PDF of the One-Shot included today and that it addresses what happened at the end of 4 and provides something other than an unwanted comedy interruption and delay to a very thrilling story so far. I would have been much more receptive to it if they hadn’t delayed 5 by 30 days to offer it. Time will tell.

If comics stress you out, you should re-evaluate your life priorities… :wink:

People actually sent flowers to the Marvel Bullpen when Jean Grey died so it’s not uncommon for people to get wrapped up in stories that are great.

I actually talked to two different customers yesterday who are waiting for the trade just to read it all at once or at least until it finishes and I build bundles. I have several others who wait until the end also before buying or hold them to read all at once when it’s finished.

And those people need to re-evaluate their life priorities in my opinion.Sure, get into a story but to almost take it literally, one should really rethink priorities. If one gets stressed over a make believe story and fictional characters… well, I think I’d said enough.

I think you’re really missing something that’s very important to a lot of people. Reading, tv, radio programs and even movies are an escape from reality and life. That’s what they are purchased for by many people. People get emotionally involved if the story is done well. People cried when Bambi was orphaned and Old Yeller died. They were blown away when Peter died along with half of reality. The medium of choice is invoking an emotional response on a level it was targeted to hit by the creaters. That’s a good thing. That’s what fuels the industry when you get past the $$$$ signs. You read because you want to escape, to be entertained and to have some type of emotional attachment or involvement that distracts from whatever your life situation may be. If you don’t really care, then why read in the first place? Those would be the people needing priority checks if they’re unemotionally going thru the motions and missing out on some of lifes great experiences.

You’re missing my point BJ… I’ll just stop. You’re thinking too hard over this.

Comics and movies are like synthehol on Star Trek. It allowed drinkers to experience all the intoxicating effects of alcohol, but able to shake off (readily dismiss) the effects.

Ok, great story and I’m glad you’re excited for the next issue, but shake it off and get back to work. Don’t send flowers. :grin:

Looks like DCeased may be DC’s #1 again. It finished in the 14 slot for the standard cover and 16 for the two $4.99 covers combined which confirms there should be more than 2 copies of the standards for every variant and that variant orders dropped, probably due to the extra $. It’ll be fun adding up the numbers once Comichron posts them so we can see the combined totals.

Batman 75 finished #13 and #74 for the two covers so that may approach Immortal Hulk numbers combined but probably not DCeased.

Andrews Variant Cover art now viewable before FOC today. I still don’t see why it was needed. They had a pretty smooth system going with standard, a head variant and the horror movie poster thing going. It probably should have been saved to be one of those Wonder Woman covers for DCeased variant cover avalanche month to come. Wonder Woman shouldn’t even be in the book unless it’s a continuation of #4 and we aren’t sure yet she survived that. They’re messing up Supergirl and Superman this week for covers that don’t reflect content nonsense. This one seems more of a reach than those two.

DCeased finished #3 on the combined list for last month behind HOX and POX. A Cover is still in stock at Diamond so the total number in the print isn’t known yet.


UPS should be here in the next couple hours with #5.

Did Wonder Woman survive?
Did Superman survive?
Did anyone?

And given it’s not in continuity, “Does anyone care?!”

I’m just hoping for a good ending, regardless of who lives and dies. Was disappointed with how Metal ended after all the build-up…