Pull me back from the ledge! DCeased #5 is not in July Previews

It’s the number #1 selling series in the building by far now so a lot of people here are going to care now and with hints in Doomsday Clock of this universe being maybe part of the Multiverse it may be revisited in various ways in the future.

The combined cover #'s for DCeased #4 for August put it at #4 for the month so apparently a lot of other people care enough to be buying it.
DCeased #4 119,786

If it’s part of the Multiverse then it’s technically “In Continuity” as much as any other alternate Earth is.

With this sustained level of sales for the series it should be expected to see the universe revisited and/or crossover of hero’s and zombies alike in the future.

Checking the Comichron math, it appears issues 1 thru 4 have sold a combined 656,675 copies so far. the One-shot, #5 and #6 might push it over the million mark.

We’re only 27 days away from issue #1’s reprint having maybe over 1 million copies handed out for FREE on Halloween Comicfest on the 28th.

If only one person out of every ten who reads it comes back for #2, there’s probably not going to be enough on the market with only 154,625 copies sold as of the last Comichron #'s.

Even if only 1 out of every 20 want to read #2 there still might not be enough supply to meet demand. That’s where I’m thinking the price finally starts moving some. The Hardcovers don’t ship until mid November!!! DCeased could be the speculators Christmas treat. Only time will tell.

My HCF 2019 DCEASED #1 VAR ED arrives today also since I ordered 250 copies of the regular to be able to order it. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some of those sneaking out the door early at some shops.

My comment want if anyone cares about the story…obvious people are enjoying it… but does anyone care whether one superhero dies versus another? Not likely other than for momentary shock value.

If Superman dies in this “what if?” series versus Wonder Woman or anyone else it really doesn’t matter…even if somehow this series eventually is retconned such that it ties into regular continuity it still won’t matter.

Death is rarely significant in comics…and is completely insignificant in non-continuity stories long term.

That was my point. I am looking forward to how the story ends, though. Spoilers would be cool (hint hint Anthony).

#5 is tearfully finished. Tragic and epic at the same time. Not sure how I feel about this one yet other than sad. :cry:

The title for #6 is HOPE LOST!!!