Shops that Re-Price at the Counter

Feel free to call them out.

Shops, honor your sticker price!

or put up a sign that says you Reserve the right to reprice at the counter so we know not to waste our time.

Terrible business practice.


That’s Entertainment. Fitchburg, MA.

They also have a location in Worcester.

All Comics have pricetags. But no signs stating that they reserve the right to reprice at the register.

Be warned.


This is actually a great idea. List these shops here so we don’t bother to visit them when we’re on vacation.

Big Pete’s Collectibles - North Vancouver, Canada

Has price tags on the comics but will check the LISTING price on eBay (not sold prices) and price them accordingly. I noticed that only part of his back issues have prices on them, he must’ve stopped pricing his current back issues altogether. On top of this practice, the owner is a giant turd. I have seen him cuss customers out and have dropped f bombs on his customers on his Facebook postings. Don’t waste your time at this store.


Am visiting my family in Markham Ont, Canada and was excited to visit

Heroes World - Markham Ont, Canada

Haven’t been there in a while so was excited to be there. Their back issues are in their back room and I noticed that there weren’t any comics with a price sticker on them. I then see a sign on the door that says back issue section is “under construction, comics will be priced accordingly at counter”

The shop has been there for 12+ years but their back issues are “under construction”. I left right away and didn’t waste any more time there and haven’t been back. It’s like 2 minutes away from where I am.


That is the excuse I was more or less given today and with other shops. They don’t have enough time to reprice…so much inventory,

Are you trying to move inventory or run yourself out of business?

If this happens need to ask these shop owners I’d they’re going to lower any of the prices as well if they come up less. Let him think about that for a moment.


DJ’s Cards and Comics

North Haven, CT.

They also limit you to one copy of everything. I had three young avengers #1 before it took off and they only let me purchase 1. At least I paid cover for that one.

Even books they have like 10 copies of, they limit. I’ve tried to walk out with buying multiple true believers $1 books and was stopped.

Even shelf books that have been sitting behind a stack of newer issues…they’ll mark them up.

This shop plays the spec game…so probably will read this.

Again,you trying to move inventory or not?


I never understand these stores that don’t want to price their books and move inventory. Have they ever gone shopping themselves during Black Friday? People love deals and will spend big money on stuff they don’t need if they think they’re getting a deal.

Why is it so different for comic book shops? So what if a book gets hot all of a sudden because of some trailer and is selling for $25 but you have it priced at $5. It’s been sitting in your back stock gathering dust for 10+ years that nobody was buying anyways. Not to mention you probably got it for $2 or less. Very strange.


Amazing Fantasy in San Francisco.
Great neighborhood, been going there since the early 90’s, and it’s right near a tattoo shop I like.
But despite all those pros I will not be returning.

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Maverick’s in Kettering, Ohio.

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I love this thread!
This is great information and I hopethese shops see their blacklisted amongst a potential large portion of their buying base.


Yup, it’s like a Comic Shop Consumer Reports…

We’re just looking for the best prices and don’t want to waste our time shopping at places that play games with their customers!

If I was a shop, I would price my inventory accordingly. Then after closing time or perhaps pick a day where the shop is closed, that’s the day I see what in my current inventory has gone up or down, price it accordingly out on the floor shop… it’s not hard. I think most shops think they’re saving time by making customers wait for them to look up and price at checkout time but all their really doing is losing out on a bunch of potential sales and future sales.


And yes, if a book that was hot but has cooled off comes down in price, I would likely start to drop my price on it. I want to sell the damn thing, not stare at it every day. Shit I want to stare at all the time I call my personal collection at home, not at my business!


Yup, DJ’s Cards and Comics is the only place I’ve ever experienced this. I found two copies of Agents of Atlas 3 second print with White Fox on the cover. There was no price, so I thought it was cover. He gets on his phone, takes a look and says they’re $30 a piece. I said “nah…” and ended up buying SWHRA #2 for cover. I’ll never go back there.


Heroes World is the worst shop on the planet. They used to have a caged alligator and a caged albino kangaroo in that shop. It made me cry and call animal control when I saw it. (This was about 10 years ago). Heroes World was also the shop that had a signing with Jason Aaron for the release of the ‘3 Jokers’. They advertised one price for a sig, then jacked up the price on the day of when everyone showed up. Not only that, but they didn’t tell you the prices were jacked as you stood in line. You were told about the mark up after waiting in line for an hour. A lot of kids went home upset. My buddy was there that day, and said there were literally children crying in the streets because their parents wouldn’t pay the jacked up prices.

The Dragon, in Guelph, Ontario, also practices the ‘prices at the counter policy’. Beware.


Wow that’s terrible regarding Heroes World. What a slimey shop. Not surprising, I got a bad vibe when I was there. The last time I was there they were at the Kennedy location, they’ve since moved to Warden so haven’t been there in a while.

Thank you for calling animal control. If I saw a caged baby kangaroo and alligator in their shop I would’ve been livid and ripped them a new one.

What a horrible shop.


Yes it is. Hopefully a mod sticky this thread so this info can live forever. This info is extremely useful if we’re traveling and looking to visit some of these shops. Hopefully they alienate a large part of their customer base and in turn the good shops around their area pick up some of the business.

No joke, I was planning to move back into my hometown soon to be closer to family. I walked into Heroes World this week specifically to check them out and see how they’re doing. Was going to open up a pull box subscription service with them since they’re the closest shop in my neighborhood. After visited their shop and what I’ve read here I’m never setting foot in that shop ever again.




I know I won’t be visiting any of these places in my travels, so this is a helpful topic.


There was a room on the 2nd floor that was probably 20’ × 20’ × 10’ that had a plexiglass wall. Thats what the kangaroo lived in. There was feces all over the floor, and the animal looked sad af. Just clarifying that it wasn’t a ‘cage’ cage, but a small room. The alligator was in a similar room, but smaller, on the first floor. I think he had them legally though. Not sure how long that lasted. Anyways, :beers:

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