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Has anyone tried the Shortboxed app to sell slabbed comics. I gave it a try and it take less than a minute to post an item. All you have to do is take a picture of CGC bar code, the front and back of the book and give it a price. No description is necessary.

Looks like it managed to raise $2.1m of seed capital for the app and Dinesh Shamdasani (former CEO of Valiant Entertainment) is one of the investors.


Very niche market place. They better expand or I can’t see them surviving for too long with all the other competition with eBay and Mercari, etc. Seems nice to just scan the barcode to list something for ease of use but selling and buying of only slabs is severely limiting your overall audience.

Yes they think they are going to beat out eBay with a bunch of overpriced slabs that can be found on eBay cheaper. Good luck Dinesh.


If its anything like Bad Idea comics I dont see it going anywhere.


I have bought a few slabs off there…was pretty easy to make an offer, and then you just wait to see if they accept or it expires. Never sold anything though.

There is10% seller fees which is slightly lower than ebay 12.5% fee. However the only benefit I see is the speed to posting an item.

I always hated listing things on eBay, it was tedious. Now that I sell on Mercari, it’s much more streamlined and faster. I can list most things within a minute or so.

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Just purchased this book…been waiting years for it to show up on eBay in 9.6 or higher…when it has its gone for $$$$.

I’ve also been watching raws for years and haven’t seen a 9.8 candidate until the other day and it was snapped up before I looked at the listing.

So just happened to try out shortboxed…and there one was for $175. Had a 10% off Black Friday coupon but made a bestie for $150. Which was accepted!

You can see what the most recent sales have been (9.8 and 9.4). The 9.6 was a few years ago…it does not come up for sale in 9.6 and above very often. I passed on the 9.4 sale in August.

Another grail off my list!

Bonus was its CBCS…but I’ll have to send it in for a re-slab as it’s the older case.


Haven’t seen any mention of this on here, but Shortboxed have added a new price guide to their app, which looks pretty good to me, apparently drawing on “over 1 million recorded sales from multiple sources, including Shortboxed, eBay, and other publicly available sources.” I had a play around with it, and it looks to me like a pretty useful free resource!

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Ditto - I just downloaded it yesterday and I think I might like it. Still playing with it

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I like the new update, but sales data is still missing on too many books. They should figure out a way to generate an average asking price for books with little to no sales data. Another issue I have w the update is that they no longer automatically charge buyers when offer is accepted. They now have 72 hours to check out. This delays payment to seller because you can’t ship until buyer pays, and you don’t get paid until book is delivered. I’m also not a huge fan of the red squares, yellow diamonds and green circles that judge a sellers asking price. They aren’t always accurate as market can change quickly, but I do understand it as a way to get buyers to lower prices and move more books faster.

This screenshot shows how half my books aren’t included in my portfolios FMV.

I feel like covrprice, gocollect and other similar resources should be a little worried, since shortboxed is essentially offering the same service for free.


Just downloaded the app and browsed around. I really like it, lots of very nice features. Haven’t signed up yet so not sure how it works for international buyers. I’m from Canada. If it’s an easy process it would be great.

Edit: just looked it up, they rolled out a beta for Canada and UK buyers. So far we can only buy from the app. A selling feature is in development.

I take it you’re not a fan of Lucky Charms cereal either?


If there is no sales data to back an average up, then it’s just a made up number. As a business model Better to just acknowledge there is a lack of sales data and let the individual do their own independent research, or pick their price they’re willing to let something go for.

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Haha I hated all of those marshmallow cereals! Fruit loops and cocoa pebbles for me :grin:

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Yeah I get it, but it would be nice if they introduced something new to the game. I understand not wanting to rely on anything but actual sales data, but if they could display the average asking price across different marketplaces, it could still be helpful information. Not ideal but better than nothing. It’ll never happen either way…

My local ice creamery had a flavor that was sweet cream with fruity pebbles and strawberry pop tarts mixed in…I had to try it.

That sounds like it’d be good for the first spoon or two and then just too sweet… for me at least. I recently tried fruity pebbles just for the nostalgia and wow I couldn’t believe I ate it as a kid. I couldn’t take more than a few spoons before I had to dump it. I’m officially old :older_man:

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I’ve checked in on this app a few times since it’s been released, and it’s always the same thing: very overpriced for any type of key. I think there’s just not that many people who use it, like maybe 100 total.

I’m sending in my application for a seller. See what happens.

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